Transferring files to my new hard drive

  nsmith 11:28 21 Oct 2007

I just installed and formatted a new internal hard drive (F). I have transferred certain exe. files from my old drive (C) to my new one and they are operating well on this new (F) drive. Now, I see these files on both my (C) and (F) drives. I need to delete them from my (C) drive in order to free up space there. When I try to do this, I am getting a message saying "access denied or write protected cannot delete file - make sure file is not currently in use). How do I do this?

  Taff™ 12:17 21 Oct 2007

I suspect they`re not working from your new drive at all. You`ve simply copied them there. When you install a program you normally are asked where to install it and by default this is usually set to c:\Program Files\ - this then registers the location of the .exe in the registry.

To remove the program you need to use Add/Remove programs. trying to manually delete the .exe files will result in the program not running at all and then you probably won`t be able to remove it properly, corrupting the registry.

Why do you want to install programs on your new drive? Why not use it for data e.g. Move your "My Documents" to it. Then if you have any problems with your C drive and need to do a re-install of your OS the data will be intact.

  nsmith 12:33 21 Oct 2007

Actually, all programs are working very well from both my (C) and (F) drives. What I am trying to do is move my kids (large) programs/files to the (F) drive and keep all of my things on my (C) drive.

If I have corrupted my registry by deleting some of the program files that I've been allowed to, can I run my (C) drive registry fix to correct this?

Also, the reason I would prefer not to just move "My Document" files to my new (F) drive is because I don't have any documents on my drive anymore. I've resorted to transferring them all to disks and working off of disks in hopes of gaining space. There are so many large programs on my (C) drive, that it's only operating with 2.96 GB of space left which, at this point, won't even allow me to run my defrag due to not having at least 4.0GB of space left. I basically want the (F) drive for my kids' programs and leave all of mine on (C). Is this a good idea or is there a better solution?

  bremner 13:44 21 Oct 2007

You are going to experience problems simply by 'moving exe' files from C to F. As Taff has said the registry will not see the new location.

The reason you are getting the access denied message is because the program is running from C and you cannot delete a running application.

I would save any "saved' files from the applications to a folder then uninstall the programs from C. Create a Program Files folder on F. Then reinstall the program to F and copy the saved files to the appropriate location on F.

  nsmith 13:51 21 Oct 2007

Thank you!

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