transferring files onto external hard drive

  bdub 10:24 11 Jun 2006

I have a 250 gb LACIE eternal hard drive and I am trying to back up my extensive photograph collection. I have a folder with about 100 sub folders containg maybe 10000 images, anyway about 70 gbs worth. When I tried to drag the folder over it started to go then it reached a particular picture and stopped staying the path was invalid. I the tried moving individual folders and it did the same thing.It does it at random, sometimes it will transfer the file it had problems with when I try again.there seems no rhyme or reason. I just want to back up my folder and have spent all weekend and have only transferred about 3 gbs.1 any ideas?

  john-232317 10:52 11 Jun 2006

A bit more info may help, but is it formated to the same as the drive you are copying, ie NTFS ?

  john-232317 11:00 11 Jun 2006

If it is fat32, that will stop it copying large files over.

  Diemmess 11:14 11 Jun 2006

dadyassa may have a point, but assuming you don't want to make life changing decisions at this stage, I (in your shoes) would try a sub folder at a time.

1) Make a new folder with the same name on the big HD (within the main folder)

2) Open the corresponding folder on the source drive and Edit > Select All then Edit > Copy

3) Go to new folder and Edit > Paste

This obviously means repetition for every subfolder, but should guarantee a rate better than 3Gb/weekend!

  bdub 13:17 11 Jun 2006

Formatted external hard drive then converted it to NTFS (it was Fat 32) however the files will still not transfer en masse.

  terryf 13:36 11 Jun 2006

Have you considered backing up with acronis, you can then restore individual files or folders

  bdub 20:33 11 Jun 2006

Dont know what that is , but I will try anything.

  bdub 19:03 14 Jun 2006

still struggling

  Young Ranger 23:43 14 Jun 2006

I think Terryf is reffering to software. It is available here from Amazon.

click here

  bdub 19:59 15 Jun 2006

Tried acronis, it stopped saying various files didnt exist.(They do I checked them ,they are there) I can back up large files on my extra internal Hard Drive, just not this external firewire one.I can back up anything individually ,just not in bulk?

  Jak_1 20:33 15 Jun 2006

Hm, file transfer should not be a problem with drag and drop! I moved a 125 GB file (with subfolders) to my Maxtor 300 GB ext drive using this method and that took only a few hours (A good excuse to go to the pub!)

Acronis should do the trick; may be worth doing a disk check also for any errors.

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