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  wyelander 23:28 31 Aug 2006

I have about 50 GB files that I have stored on a external 120 GB USB Hard Drive. My Windows 98 PC reads the files ok, and my other PC (running Windows XP) used to read them as well. Then about 4 weeks ago the Windows XP PC stopped reading it. It would pick up the drive but say files were corrupt (even though Windows 98 reads them ok).

I bought a new high spec pc yesterday and tried plugging the USB drive into it, but again it could not read the files.

I have a Netgear 108G Wireless ASDL Router with a 108Mbps USB Adaptor. Is there any way I can use this to transfer the files from the Windows 98 PC to the NEW ONE. The New PC is a Dual Core Athlon 5000 with an Asus SLI Deluxe Motherboard. The motherboard has bult in Wireless LAN.

Can I transfer files from a my Windows 98 PC with a Netgear 100 Mbps USB Adaptor , over to my new PC using the Wireless LAN network?

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Mike Spencer

  FelixTCat 23:53 31 Aug 2006


If you have a week or two to spare you could transfer 50 GB of files over a wireless network. It would be a lot quicker to connect the new pc and the Win98 pc to the router by ethernet cable, share the external drive and transfer the files that way.



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