Transferring emails.

  Meshuga 18:05 01 Mar 2004

I have received an email and wish to forward it on but because my server is having problems I cannot do so. It was only by chance that I managed to get it. Is there any way that I can transfer it from OE to my hotmail account and send it that way. Thanks, Meshuga.

  bremner 18:10 01 Mar 2004

Can you not cut and paste to Hotmail?

  Meshuga 18:24 01 Mar 2004

Don`t know, bremner. Not very conversant with that function. How to do please. Meshuga.

  accord 18:41 01 Mar 2004

highlight the text you want to copy by clicking on it and then with the lewft mouse button pressed down, move over text. it should change colour. then, press ctrl and C together. this will copy the text. then go into your hotmail or what ever email account you are using and create a new message. click on ctrl and V together and this will paste it into your email.

job done

  bremner 18:42 01 Mar 2004

Open the e amil you want to copy and a new Hotmail

Highlight the text in the e mail you are copying, right click and choose 'copy'

Go to the hotmail put the cursor in the message field, right click and choose paste.

  Meshuga 18:52 01 Mar 2004

Many thanks bremner and accord. Will give it a try. Regards, Meshuga.

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