Transferring data from a Hard Drive

  garthunkle 14:03 28 Oct 2007


I've bought a new iMac as my old pc completley failed on me. Is there an easy way to transfer the files on the old PC HD to the new iMac HD?

I was looking at buying an enclosure, but they seem expensive in comparison to buying an external HD.

The ultimate aim is to be able to move the files and then have some sort of external/back-up HD.

  garthunkle 14:39 28 Oct 2007

Any ideas guys?

  DJ-Garry 18:10 28 Oct 2007

Can you not put the old drive in the iMac as a second or slave drive and access the files from 'My Computer' or what ever the Mac OS has?.

If not, a case from eBay is only a few pounds. Do an eBay search for 'HDD USB' and you will find loads of them. Pop the old drive in it, plug it into your iMac's USB port and away you go.

  Technotiger 18:13 28 Oct 2007

Hmm, dunno if it is that simple, I don't have a Mac but I am pretty sure not all the PC stuff will be Mac compatible. No doubt others will come on and advise you further.

  rossgolf 18:36 28 Oct 2007

yeah i agree with technotiger
some programs will not work but your data shud be retrievalbe by using your old hdd as a slave
are you able to get onto your old computer to transfer to a external hdd?

  garthunkle 18:42 28 Oct 2007

The iMac is an all-in-one so can't stick the old hd in.

The computer won't boot as the power supply corrupted the loading files. But I can still access the other files on the other HD (There were two in the old pc).

So apart from getting an enclosure there is no way of getting the data off the old hd?

  rossgolf 18:44 28 Oct 2007

erm im not sure but if you ask some of the other guys on here or go down to the local computer shop i htink there are programs out there that do that kind of thing

  Quiet Life 18:49 28 Oct 2007

If as you say your PC has failed then you probably only have two options.
1. Buy an enclosure and transfer your files that way through the USB port.
2. Borrow a PC that has a LAN connection and instal your drive as a slave and transfer to your iMac through a LAN cable.

  bremner 18:52 28 Oct 2007

You will need to place the HDD into an enclosure (as you describe it) that connects either by firewire or USB to connect it to the iMac.

The second issue will be what files do you want to transfer?

Files such as pdf's, movie files, picture files and music files should be fine on the Mac. For MS office files you will need to have MS Office for Mac or a program such as Open Office.

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