Transferring data between laptop and desktop

  vaughan007 11:37 15 Mar 2004

Hello everyone,

How can I easily transfer files between my laptop and desktop PC?

This might sound naive but can I simply connect the computers together using some sort of cable?

I only need to transfer files occasionally, but the problem I have is that some of these files are enormous (between 1 GB and 10 GB).

All help appreciated.


  Sciron 11:57 15 Mar 2004

maplins will flog you a lead to do just that, you can see both screens on one PC so you just drag and drop

  Diodorus Siculus 11:59 15 Mar 2004

A couple of network interface cards and a crossover cable should do it for you.

  vaughan007 12:01 15 Mar 2004

But exactly which lead would that be?

  JerryJay 12:06 15 Mar 2004

USB datalink cable should do the trick. USB1 one just £5.13 inc VAT (product code 39504)click here, USB2 one £9.16 inc VAT (product code 51250)click here.

  vaughan007 12:09 15 Mar 2004


Just the sort of answer I was looking for.

Thanks everyone


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