Transferring 7 year old computer to new laptop

  Kerensa 12:35 30 Mar 2006

I would be grateful for advice on the best way to do this.

  Belatucadrus 13:21 30 Mar 2006

Cheapest way is to run the files and settings transfer wizard by typing migwiz into the run box.

  Kerensa 13:28 30 Mar 2006

Tried that but got message "could not find file".
Where do I go next?

  Kerensa 13:36 30 Mar 2006

Hello Belatucardus. Have just checked MSN and found that this is in Windows XP. Detailed instructions given on its use. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  wee eddie 16:18 30 Mar 2006

What OS is old PC.

  Kerensa 16:28 30 Mar 2006

Windows 98 se

  bluto1 19:41 01 Apr 2006

I`ve got a CD with, amongst other things, a programme called Laplink PCmover, which is designed to move all your applications, settings and data from an old to a new PC.
Yellow envelope me an address and I`ll post it to you.

  Diemmess 09:35 02 Apr 2006

Transfer your data(documents, pictures, music, email etc) by any suitable means............

But....if you try to transfer installed applications, you will fail and possibly make the laptop need some TLC to work at all.

The installed applications on the old pc are integrated with the old '98 system and will certainly not run on the laptop after "copying."

So, install all the applications from their original CDs to the laptop and when they are properly installed into the XP system, you can copy the data to the appropriate folders on the laptop.

  Kerensa 12:31 03 Apr 2006

Thanks for all this information. I am now quite confused. I have used my computer for very simple things, word processing, some digital photographs, e-mailing, and keep my home accounts using Microsoft Money. I just want to save that information before sending the old computer for recycling.

  Belatucadrus 13:46 03 Apr 2006

Transferring applications is extremely difficult, where it's possible at all. In most cases they will need to be installed separately on the new PC from the original disk or installation.exe files. As Diemmess says however transferring the files and documents shouldn't be a problem.

  Diemmess 13:50 03 Apr 2006

I recommend 3 things to do.

1) Make a paper list of all the data - your letters, photos, home accounts (data), your email address book and emails you want to keep.
..........Now make straight copies of these ideally in separate named folders to make it easier to find on the laptop.
Paste the lot into your laptop. (Emails, you can even send to yourself and "read" them on the new computer.)

2) Install from manufacturer's CD any applications to the laptop, if they are not already there.
Check that you can access and use your data normally.

3 Finally, when you are sure there is nothing left you need from the old pc, at least delete all your data.
Better still, put your old Startup floppy in the slot, boot from it and at the A: prompt type
Format C:
This will prevent all but the really determined from finding any trace of you on that old computer.

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