Transferred Files from Desktop.

  Conny 23:30 06 Dec 2010

I bought a Dell Inspiron and used the Dell File Transfer programme to transfer files from my desktop via the 'Wireless Network' method. I only wanted to transfer pictures from Picasa but it transferred over 31Gb of numerous other files. I can get my pics up no problem but I want to delete most of the other stuff it downloaded. Trouble is I can't find it any where on the laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I'm running W7 on the laptop and XP Home on the Desktop.

  lotvic 00:04 07 Dec 2010

Do the files not show up listed in Windows Explorer?

  Chris_Byers 08:36 07 Dec 2010

I'm not familier with the Dell File Transfer Program and a quick search has given me nothing, but I can only assume it is based on the Microsoft FSTW (Files and Settings Transfer Wizard). In which case try lookign in the root of your 'c' drive for eiher a new folder called Documents and Settings or in the 'Users' folder to see if it has transfered your user profile from your old computer in its entirety.
And as lotvic has said. Try simply typing in the name of a document you know has been transferred into the W7 seach box. When the results are displayed, right-click the one you want and select 'Open file location' this will then show you where the file is located.

  Conny 23:34 07 Dec 2010

Thank you gentlemen. Looked in Windows Explorer and there was a folder with all the transferred files in it.
Thank you so much.

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