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  charles60 16:27 07 Jan 2011

Hi I have got some Photos/videos on my i phone which I coped and pasted to "My Pictures" on the computer. what i want to do is now put them on to disc. I first tried transferring them on to DVD using Convert X to DVD it copied the Video ok to disc but not the photos also when I tried to play the video it on my DVD payer it would not play. is there a way i can copy my photos/ videos on to a disc that can play though a DVD player the reason i want this is that My Mother is 89 and in a nursing home and the nurses brought a birthday cake round etc and i took photos\video with my i Phone 4 and her sister would like a copy of it on Dvd so she can watch it on her DVD Player also I want a copy of it as well just in case have a disaster on the Pc and also have some video of my mum once she has gone. While i am here I like to say Thank God For the i phone 4 as now i can take video of my mother while she is still here and not having taking around video camera,case etc or in my day 8mm film lights etc that would have been a no no with the i phone she doesn't even notice it cause its so small Thanks hope someone can help

  eedcam 18:29 07 Jan 2011

Doubt you can mix video and stills on a dvd that will play on a dvd player .You could create a slide show with say windows movie maker tehn ad that and your video file to something like dvd flick which is free that will author and burn to dvd click here

Now to save risking wasting a failed dvd what to do if you go this route is get flick to first create an Iso image if the image is ok then it will only take about 15 mins to burn to dvd when you are ready .To create the image open Flick click on projects then on burning then tick the button create iso image > accept then add your files and click create DVD .It will take considerable time depending on the length of the files . Note where you are saving the iso to for burning at a later date

  woodchip 18:33 07 Jan 2011

Some DVD Players will not play home made DVD

  woodchip 18:34 07 Jan 2011

Read Instructions for Player on what it can play

  charles60 19:10 07 Jan 2011

will give that a try

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