Transfering old 78 records onto CD's?

  Bonnboy 14:14 07 Nov 2004

How can I do this? I have a CD burner and turntable for the records, but no separate amplifier for the record player

  alan227 14:28 07 Nov 2004

You need something like Steinberg Plus.
This comes with cleaning software and a USB pre-amp.


you could try using a lead from the headphone socket (if you have one) on your turntable which woud connect into the line socket in your computer.

I have my system at home connected but I do use an amplifier, but, when recording from the tape-deck I need to use the headphone socket.

hope this is of some assistance.


  pj123 15:20 07 Nov 2004

Does your record player have 78 speed? Does it have connections for speakers? Do you have a Hi-Fi system with cassette player/recorder?

The way I do it is to connect my record player to my cassette recorder via the speaker cables and record all my 78s to cassette. Once that is done I use LP Recorder and LP Ripper from click here to record to hard disk and eventually to CD.

  fly2hi 17:10 07 Nov 2004

So my 200 odd 78's that have been in the loft for 20 years may just have a future !

  pj123 17:18 07 Nov 2004

fly2hi, yes of course they have,
and they may be worth a fortune? depending on what they are.

  Kalb 17:33 07 Nov 2004

There have been a number of threads in the past...this is useful click here

  fly2hi 01:19 08 Nov 2004

A lot of old classics, Beethoven, Brahms etc
Really can't remember. maybe i should dig them out and put them up on ebay?

  stlucia 12:36 08 Nov 2004

Just a thought: Normally a record player cartridge doesn't give enough output for your soundcard, that's why you need to use a pre-amp or headphone output.

But, if it's a really old player, and doesn't have a pre-amp in it, the output from the cartridge might be enough. So connect it straight to the mic-in socket on your PC and see if you get enough signal.

  pj123 13:41 08 Nov 2004

Yes, put them up on eBay by all means but don't forget you may fall foul of the copyright law if you copy them to CD first and then sell the originals. Like yours, my old 78s are in the loft carefully packed in boxes. They go when I go and my kids find them and decide they are not their bag. Mine are all vintage jazz and the copyright has run out anyway, but even so I wouldn't sell them.

I expect someone on the Forum would know of a website that would give you some idea of what their value was (I would like to know as well for my collection). I also have a load of 45s, possibly not so valuable.

  pj123 15:24 08 Nov 2004

C'mon Guys, is there a site that will give some idea of what old records are worth?

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