transfering .mobi domains

  ross_mcculloch 12:22 04 Jan 2008

I have a few .mobi domains with GoDaddy and DomainMoster...does anyone know how easy it is to transfer these to someone else's account either with the same provider or another company and roughly how much the transfer would cost?

  Forum Editor 09:29 05 Jan 2008

should present a problem - just check with the parking host as to the procedure. They'll tell you if there's an associated cost - many hosts will transfer free of charge.

  ross_mcculloch 11:39 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advice. I may be looking to sell them, sedo has been useless so far and was thinking somewhere like dnforums, anyone got any other suggestions?

  Kemistri 13:48 05 Jan 2008

I had never looked at DNForum until now - never needed to - but it clearly looks like the place to go. You could try eBay, no doubt, but that forum looks like it would attract the right kind of interested buyers.

click here

  Forum Editor 15:01 05 Jan 2008

is that of handling the actual exchange.

Sellers don't fancy parting with a name until they're paid, and buyers don't want to pay for something they might not get - what's needed is a trusted third-party, an intermediary, who will hold the money in an escrow account until such time as both parties have acted on the agreed sale. The buyer pays into the third party, and the seller agrees to transfer the name, once the escrow agent says the money is in hand.

With very small amounts it may not be so important, but as the figures get higher it's essential. I have sold quite a few names over the years, and some of them have been for fairly large amounts; for that reason I've always used what is in my opinion the world's best domain name trading centre click here

  ross_mcculloch 17:32 05 Jan 2008

Don't suppose you know anyone interested in buying some .mobis?

  Forum Editor 17:47 05 Jan 2008

it's not a particularly desirable domain suffix, and in any case we can't become involved in buying or selling anything via the forum.

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