Transfering hard drives...plz help!!!

  matthew-293741 14:05 15 Mar 2003

I have recently bought a new base unit (p4 2.4 win xp) my old(er) puta has got a perfectly good hard drive in it, but is running winME....firstly, is it possible for me to put my old drive in with the new one?...secondly, how do i do that, is it just a case of putting all the leads in the right slots and away we go?....please help, i have my sisters entire wedding song list on this hard drive (the puta it is currently in died a horrible smokey death)

thanx in advance

  powerless 14:14 15 Mar 2003


Backup all the importnat stuff just incase something goes really really wrong.

Turn of all the power and disconnect everything. Open up that base unit.

Locate the hard drive. Now (with luck) There'll be a 40 or 80 wire IDE cable with 3 connections. 2 at either ends one in the middle.

Connect the new drive to the one in the middle.

Also on the back on the drive there'll be "jumpers" a little fiddly thing. Pop it off and repostition it. Only do this for the drive you are installing. On the drive itself it should tell you where it goes. You have to set to "SLAVE". Look on the shiny side of the drive.

You will also need an extra power connector.

So just make sure you connect it to a power connector, install the IDE cable and repostion the jumper.

Turn on the machine and hopefully it will Autodetect the drive and you will not have to do anything and then you can acces the drive from XP.

Oh and make you secure the drive with the screws.

(i hope there is room)

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