Transfering a Hard Drive.

  ribo 17:10 09 Jun 2004

I feel this is a silly query but I want to put it to rest once and for all.
My friend and I are having this discussion. He feels that you can take your Hard Drive out of one computer, place it in an other,completely different computer, and it will work. I am sure that this is not the case,but do not know the logical reasoning to convince him otherewise. Can anyone help.please. Thanks. J

  pc mad 23:44 10 Jun 2004

it might work or it might not, if not then you will have to format

  goonerbill 00:23 11 Jun 2004

yes, it will work but only as a slave to master hdd. it will only work as master hdd if the computer you are taking the hdd from has the same motherboard as the one you are putting it into and even then, it may not work without having some sort of system crash.

changed my mobo from gigabyte ga-7vax to asus a7n8x-e deluxe ( on sunday ) and computer would not run after post which i knew would happen and had to reformat drive and load everything on again.

  goonerbill 00:26 11 Jun 2004

sorry, forgot to say that its all down to mobo chipsets and drivers.

  rawprawn 08:37 11 Jun 2004

I put the hard drive out of my old computer into my new one as a slave. No trouble at all and I have no idea if the mother boards were the same, but I would not think that they were.My old computer was home built and 6 years old, my new one is a Dell.

  MidgetMan 10:04 11 Jun 2004

I have done this many times,(as master) the only thing it needs is to update the mobo/graphics/lan etc drivers, nine times out of ten it can do this automaticly, bu make sure you have the driver discs handy.

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