Transfering files from external harddrive 2 laptop

  sutonchris 22:20 24 Jun 2008

Hi folks, thanks for your time in reading this. A few weeks ago my desktop PC began to start playing up so I decided to back up everything on an external harddrive. Now basically the desktop is no more and I want to put everything that was on my desktop onto my laptop. Is this possible and if so could you walk me through what I need to do? Both PC's were/are on XP if that matters. Many thanks, Chris.

  lotvic 22:30 24 Jun 2008

It depends on how you backed up your files.
If you just did a straight copy of your 'My Documents' folders and files then just hook up your external harddrive to your laptop, navigate to the files and copy them to your laptop.

If you used a backup program then tell us what it is and all the details.

  100andthirty 22:31 24 Jun 2008

you should be able just to plug in the drive to your laptop and copy data to the laptop hard drive. If you backed up an image then you need to install the programme that created it.

backed ups of installed programmes won't reinstall on the laptop.

if it won't let you access the files, google for "take ownership of files or folders"

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