Transfering files between home computers

  marbleblue 17:53 10 Oct 2006

We have two desktop computers at home, only connected by the internet. The older one has most of our photos on it (almost 3GB worth), but has no dvd rewriter so we're unable to make copys of them without using several discs.

Our newer computer is basically the opposite - hardly any photos, but with a dvd rewriter.

I do have a 1GB flash drive which I know I could use for transfer, but again this would take a while, and I need it for other things.

-What's the quickest way to make copies of the photos, over the internet and onto a dvd using the newer computer, using the flash drive, or just straight onto cd?
-Is it possible to store photos on dvd?
-Can anyone recommend a program that does this?

  Dizzy Bob 18:00 10 Oct 2006

Most PC's have space for 2 or more hard drives.

You could remove the hard drive from the older PC, and connect it into the new one.

The drive would occupy the next available drive letter, E,F,G....etc

You could then either drag and drop the photos to the larger hard drive, or burn to DVD.

On the back of the hard drive itself is a small jumper switch. You would need to set this to 'slave' (it is almost certainly currently set to 'master'

You can then reverse the process and put the HDD back into the original machine.



  cycoze 18:02 10 Oct 2006

Quickest will be to use the 1gb flash drive, fill it up and pop the images onto the new machine, go back and get some more etc, it should not take very long so your flash drive will be free to use again in less than an hour.

How did you get on with your camera noise click here you have a couple of responses there.

  Diemmess 18:12 10 Oct 2006

The idea is to be able to drag and drop your pictures from one PC to another.
click here
This might help

  moorie 20:22 10 Oct 2006

i used foldershare its a free service recently taken over by microsoft,you set it up on one pc which files you want to share and log in on the other pc and away you go it basically does it for you,i transferred 4gb of music to my lappy with minimal fuss,if you google foldershare it talks you through the process.

  Widows Son 01:45 11 Oct 2006

and the cheapest - free if you use your existing one. By the way you can now get a 2gb drive for £18 from 7dayshop (even allowing for p&p that's still under £22)
click here

  Catastrophe 01:54 11 Oct 2006

The of course you could move the DVD-RW to the other PC - burn and replace. (Check jumpers).

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