Transfering files

  coyoteward 20:16 03 Mar 2006

I will be purchasing new pc in the near future and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any software to help in transferring files from my original pc to new one

  VoG II 20:25 03 Mar 2006
  terryf 06:02 04 Mar 2006

Another way to do it would be to buy an external USB HD, put all your old files on that and plug into your new machine. Look at click here to use to transfer all your email, outlook and other settings painlessly

  rp001y 15:08 04 Mar 2006

How many files do you have to transfer?

Do you have a netword card in your current PC?
You could connect your two pc's together using a crossover patch cable.

Do you have a CD or a DVD RW installed in your current machine?
You could burn the files to a CD / DVD and then copy them onto your new PC.
This would be a good way of creating a set of backup files a swell.

If you're feeling really adventurous and don't mind opening up the case. You could attach the old Drive into your new machine - job done extra storage in your nes machine and no ned to transfer anything possibly.

Have a go - it's fun
You can always put things back and try something else if it doesn't work.

  ade.h 18:11 04 Mar 2006

Just to clarify what rp001y said about transferring your old hard-disk into the new PC; this must not be in place of the existing disk, but in supplement to it on another SATA channel. Don't try to boot from it!

However, if your outgoing PC uses the old parallel IDE interface rather than SATA, then the old disk will need to be placed on one of the IDE channels and if both IDE channels are taken, it will have to share a channel, with its jumper adjusted accordingly. If the disk is assigned a cable to itself, the next paragraph applies.

In both scenarios (unless the second hard-disk has been connected as a slave rather than a master), it is essential to ensure that the order of bootable devices is configured correctly in the BIOS, with SATA 0 set as the first boot device.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart or anyone who does not know much about PC hardware and BIOS settings.

I cannot really recommend it in your case, given that you are posting in the Beginners section.

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