Transfering existing C:\ drive to a brand new PC

  Cyberbia 17:45 02 Oct 2005

Hi everyone

I'm in the process of building a new PC. It is going to be an AMD Sempron 2600+ on a Biostar NF325-A7 754 AGP motherboard. (I'm on a bit of a limited budget).

What I want to do is use the existing 200Gb hard drive from my existing PC and transfer it over into the new one - as I don't want to go through all the fun'n'games and palavar of formatting the drive and then having to spend hours reload the OS and all the software.

In other words I want to use my existing C:\ drive as the C:\ drive in the new PC.

I have Windows XP with SP2 installed on the disk. (I also have the Windows XP setup disk - so it's legitimate).

Can anyone see any problems?

I am hoping that XP will recognise the new motherboard (which comes with a setup disk) and allow me to load up the new drivers from the motherboard setup disk.

I really, really DON'T want to wipe the disk if I can help it.



  Diemmess 17:51 02 Oct 2005

The existing configuration is specific to the existing computer and its motherboard.

By all means install XP on the new one, but except for data and a very few small programs which are sort of 1 liners and don't have to be re-installed you will have to install fresh from the disk all major apps.

Having said that you might be lucky, but one way of checking would be to try the old HD as the new primary (after backing up your data) and see what happens!

  Strawballs 17:53 02 Oct 2005

I have done exactly that twice, the first time I had no problem it just accepted the MoBo drivers and worked fine but the second time there were all sorts of conflicts between the drivers so I had to bite the bullet and format.

  Cyberbia 18:40 02 Oct 2005

Thanks for the advice.

I'll give it a go and hope that the system will take it.

If not, I'll just have to spend hours re-installing the software.



  BurrWalnut 18:59 02 Oct 2005

Sometimes a repair will work.

Assuming you have the mobo drivers:-

Boot from the WinXP CD. When the first message comes up, choose “To set up WinXP” not “R for recovery console”. Windows will eventually recognise that XP is installed and ask what you want to do, press R to repair and follow the instructions except after rebooting don’t reply to the message “Press any key to boot from CD”, just wait.

Then you get to the next problem, which will be activation of Windows on the new machine.

  Stuartli 19:05 02 Oct 2005

XP doesn't always like/take happily to a new motherboard and the way round it is to do an XP Repair immediately on your hard drive once the motherboard has been installed.

You will retain all the settings, configuration, programs, applications etc on your hard drive with a Repair.

It's been detailed several times in the forum but here's one guide link again:

click here

Make sure as you follow the initial steps not to select Recovery Console, only R for Repair at the appropriate point.

You will also need your product key and will probably have to reinstall SP2 and any earlier Windows updates.

  Stuartli 19:07 02 Oct 2005

You seem to have a slipstreamed XP/SP2 disk so you won't have to reinstall SP2 separately in that case.

  Stuartli 19:10 02 Oct 2005

I installed a new motherboard about four months ago and merely did the XP Repair after the changeover; it saved a considerable amount of time reinstalling everything again.

  Cyberbia 21:32 02 Oct 2005

Thanks Stuartli for the extra advice!!

I've just had a look at the .pdf documentation that comes on the CDROM that has the motherboard software/drivers.

The document says that the setup software will automatically detect the OS and will install the appropriate drivers -(the different drivers on the disk are for Win 98, ME, 2000 or XP)

Therefore that seems to say that the OS needs to be, or can be installed first before the motherboard drivers can be installed!

Any thoughts?



  Stuartli 22:02 02 Oct 2005

My "new" 6VX7-4X Gigabyte motherboard has Via motherboard chipsets and, once the XP Repair had been undertaken (XP includes Via 4-in-1 motherboard drivers), I installed the later Version 4.43 drivers already downloaded from the viaarenna website.

Only the drivers required were then installed and automatically; if yours is a more recent Via chipset mobo then you will probably get better performance with the later Hyperion drivers.


click here

for the latest drivers if your mobo has Via chipsets (the mobo is not recognised on the Biostar website so don't know if it does..)

  Stuartli 22:19 02 Oct 2005

Now managed to find the mobo on the Biostar website listing an NVidia NF3 250 chipset - don't know nowt about this one apart from this:

click here

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