transfering and editing vhs tapes on my pc

  victorjohnp 14:10 21 Mar 2007

I have a large collection of VHS tapes that I want to edit on my pc and then transfer to disc.
What is the simplest way and what kit,(if any), do I need? Thanks.

  €dstowe 14:17 21 Mar 2007

The easiest thing to do is get a PVR - Personal Video Recorder such as one from click here and use the output from your tape machine to the input of the PVR. The Hauppauge PVRs come with software to enable you to make DVDs and you will also be able to receive and record TV programmes direct into your computer.

Some graphics cards come with the facility to input video but, if you had that, you most likely wouldn't be asking here.

  Totally-braindead 14:25 21 Mar 2007

If you don't actually need to edit them then the simplist way to copy them is to connect a VCR via the SCART to a standalone DVD recorder and just do it that way. Some standalone DVD recorders also come with a very basic editing facility. And I do mean basic though I haven't tried mine yet.
In case you don't know VHS tapes are analogue and in order for the PC to do anything with them its necessary to convert them to digital before editing, or so I believe, and I am also given to believe it is rather time comsumming and takes a very large amount of drive space.
I'm not trying to put you off the idea, it can be done, one of my friends spends many happy hours doing this sort of thing its just time consumming and is not one of my interests.

  Stuartli 15:40 21 Mar 2007

If you have a digital + analogue (Freeview) PCI TV card on your system with the necessary input sockets, you can transfer the VHS tapes' contents to your hard drive.

  iarno 22:46 21 Mar 2007

Look at this. It will do all you say you want to do.
It's called 'GrabBee x+ deluxe'. I bought mine just after xmas and works well on my VHS Camcorder and also my video recorder.

Google it for more information.

click here


  jack 09:18 22 Mar 2007

I am my self 'fiddling' with this notion.
for someone who has home movies simply burned to DVD-RW from the VHS tape adapter on the combie.
I found a basic video/camcorder program Ulead
Video Studio will do it
Download V10 for a thirty day trial.

  victorjohnp 16:44 22 Mar 2007

Thanks chaps for all your prompt replies. I think I have enough info. now.

  Totally-braindead 17:41 22 Mar 2007

jack I hope you have kept the video tapes as DVDRW are not stable enough for long term storage, they will corrupt. If you are backing up video tapes you are far better using either DVD-R or DVD+R not DVDRW.

  pj123 18:51 22 Mar 2007

I am transferring all my Beta and VHS tapes to DVD.

I have a Liteon 5006 recorder. I use DVD RW discs to record the tape and then (using Pinnacle Studio 9) I edit it and then burn to a DVD-R disc

I then re-use the DVD RW disc for the next tape and so on. Yes it is very time consuming. I have about 120 Beta tapes and 94 VHS tapes.

So far I have managed to do 12 Beta tapes using the same DVD RW disc. No problems so far but I do have another 9 DVD RW discs, if the first one fails.

  €dstowe 18:52 22 Mar 2007

Fully agree about DVD RW disks. There is only one other thing that matches these things in unreliability and that's CD RW disks. Wouldn't have them in the house.

  jack 19:39 22 Mar 2007

I do agree with regards RW disks - this is how it was supplied- as it happened it played on my PVR but not on the PC or straight DVD player- So I returned it with a couple of DVD r disks with the request to start again.
When it came back I was able to start playing - and sill am- will get the hang of it eventually,

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