Transfering data from external hard drive to PC

  Blackadder41 15:28 05 Jun 2009

I've just purchased a Dell Inspiron 546 with Windows Vista Home Ultimate. I am transfering all the files from my 250GB Lacie external hard drive via the USB connection using file explorer, a few files at a time. It is taking forever and the transfer speed is really slow (as little as 2.28kb/sec!) Is there a faster way of doing this?
I am fairly computer friendly, but no expert by any means.
Hope you can help....

  Ex plorer 15:55 05 Jun 2009

Found this in an older thread of PC Advisor there are many more just typ (Transfering files) in the box top right hit go and then tick Helproom and search.
click here

  Blackadder41 17:07 05 Jun 2009

Thanks Ex plorer. I've had a rummage about but most of the topics are around PC to PC and talk about using a file transfer wizard, which I can't find on Vista, and obviously isn't on my external hard drive. I've already turned off my firewalls as well. Doesn't seem to be a simpler or speedier solution.
Any other ideas? Cheers

  Kevscar1 18:16 05 Jun 2009

Speed is limited by your USB connection and you can't make it go any faster.
Simplest way is before you go to bed tonight just drag everything across and leave it to do it overnight.

  Blackadder41 19:42 05 Jun 2009

Thanks Kevscar. Have been doing that for the past few nights and days. Currently transfering 2.64GB of photos and it's telling me it will take 4 days!! I suspect probably about another 8 hours actually. I think my Lacie must be pre USB2 so is likely to be slower. Does amount of stuff on the Lacie also affect speed? I've started cutting and pasting rather than copying and pasting to reduce the amount of stuff it churns through every time it keeps going back to the Lacie. Is this a good move or is it likely to make no difference?

  Terminus90 17:00 13 Jun 2009

The speed of transfer will depend on the speed of your drive/s if any of your drives are slow then this will account to the slowness of transfer.

  Kevscar1 18:06 13 Jun 2009

Sounds like your HD maybe just about dead. just set mine to transfer 3.2Gb, less than 3 minutes.
The only think you might be able to do is unplug it reboot then plug it in again in case it's a poor connection

  gazzaho 06:29 14 Jun 2009

I don't know what the Lacie drives external enclosure is like, but you can gain a substantial speed increase by removing the drive from it's enclosure and fitting it internally. This may result in the destruction of the enclosure or may not depending on the enclosure.

I've fitted external drives internally and never had a drive fail to work, I had to destroy 2 Freecom classic drive enclosures while removing the drives while a Buffalo Drive Station enclosure was reusable after the drive removal. I have to add the drives I performed surgery on were otherwise unusable as they had problems related to the enclosures and not the drives themselves.

If you're pretty good with a screwdriver and have a little experience with computer hardware it might be worth trying.

  Blackadder41 20:25 15 Jun 2009

Thanks for all your responses. I've discovered that if I plug the Lacie into my Toshiba laptop (also running Vista) the transfer rate is a huge amount faster. This indicates to me that there is a problem with my new Dell desktop. Is there any way of trying to find what it might be other than spending hours on the phone to the technical support people in India? I'm finding the aftersales care at Dell is about useless, even though I have paid for 'at home' service! Other stuff seems to work OK, although it does seem a little slow in places - as if it is doing stuff in the background rather than getting straight on with the task in hand. Really appreciate your wisdom folks!

  Blackadder41 15:44 23 Jun 2009

Hi folks,
All your advice was really helpful and I eventually managed to persuade Dell to send a technician to sort out my new laptop which was making a clicking noise, and I collared him to look at my desktop as well, as Dell in India were trying to convince me I had a software problem. My laptop is now on its 3rd hard drive, and still clicking, and my desktop has a new hard drive and working fine - expect that it is on it's 4th wireless card, and they have all been pants! The Dell technician they sent has been an absolute star, which is more than I can say for the 30 or so people in India that I have spoken to on the merry go round between customer service, sales and technical support.
I'll be trying to get my Lacie out of its casing (no screws though to get the casing off) and putting it inside my desktop to data transfer my final files that way as it should be much quicker as well. Have done this with the old and new hard drive, and it was fine. Much appreciate all your support. I'm continuing to do battle with Dell just to get an apology, let alone compensation!

  gazzaho 08:43 24 Jun 2009

As I said some enclosures you can save and some you have to destroy, you just need to be careful you don't damage the drive in the removal process!

Another thing you should consider when adding additional hard drives internally is the power supply, make sure it can handle the power drain. For instance if your computer is using a 400W PSU and you have a high end graphics card, 4 hard drives and one or two PCI cards connected it could overload the PSU, whereas a 700W PSU would be fine.

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