transfering broadband from old pc to new pc

  jeanette78 17:38 21 Jun 2007

Can anyone help a novice?

I have windows ME at present, with orange broadband. I have a speedtouch 330.

I am buying a new PC, with windows vista home premium. What i would like to know (sorry if its a daft question) is whats the right way to go about transfering my broadband conn to the new pc.
thanks, jeanette

  Technotiger 17:47 21 Jun 2007

Hi, it is not a daft question ... but I don't think you can just transfer it to your new pc, I think you will have to set up your broadband afresh on your new pc. Also you might have Vista driver problem to overcome.

If I am wrong, no doubt someone else will come on and say so.

Good luck.

  wee eddie 17:55 21 Jun 2007

I would contact Orange as you may/will need a new router.

Vista has any number of problems with legacy equipment, including Printers, Scanners, and any number of other bits.

  Stuartli 18:03 21 Jun 2007

Thomson has Vista drivers available at:

click here

along with an All Speeds Windows driver (used to be tagged the "Up to 8MB" patch).

  Stuartli 18:04 21 Jun 2007

The Speedtouch 330 is a USB modem.

  Stuartli 18:09 21 Jun 2007

I would install the Vista 330 drivers on your system, including the All Speeds, and connect the modem when requested (I presume you are going to transfer most of your data etc to the new hard drive).

You can then undertake the configuration as per your current machine (user name and password etc) and then connect the broadband lead from your phone.

Hopefully it will work first time...:-)

  Stuartli 18:11 21 Jun 2007

Should read..."I would install the Vista 330 drivers on your new system..."

You can download the drivers from the Thomson website now ready for the changeover - keep them on a CD-R, flash memory or memory card until your new system arrives.

  jeanette78 18:42 21 Jun 2007

Hi all,

thanks for the replies. when i buy the new pc, i will do u all suggested. Just to check that i have understood, (sorry:( )I will have to set up my broadband on the new pc, as i did when i set it up originally?

  wee eddie 18:50 21 Jun 2007

The installation disk that you used will probably need to be replaced. Consult your ISP, they should know.

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