Transfer XP license from an obsoletePC

  JMA 15:58 25 Nov 2007

I think the title says it all.
I have a PC that needs throwing away but has the XP licence.
The question is, how the licence can be tansferred to the new (other) PC
Thanks for your help!

  DieSse 16:03 25 Nov 2007

Is it an OEM copy of XP (the product code is on a label stuck to the PC)

Or a Retail copy (the Product code is with the documentation).

If it's the former it should not be transferred to a new PC, as this would be against the licence terms.

A retail copy may be freely transferred - as long as it's not on more than one PC at a time.

You may, of course, try it and see what happens. I take it you do have the original XP CD.

  wee eddie 16:04 25 Nov 2007

If it is OEM, the answer is NO.

If you have a Windows CD you can load it onto another CD and Activate it. The old PC will then no longer be legal and not be able to download Updates.

  DieSse 16:17 25 Nov 2007

"If it is OEM, the answer is NO."

That's not correct. I always supplied the OEM CDs with systems I built, as do many small system builders. Only Larger OEMs may build from images and not supply CDs.

  wee eddie 19:54 25 Nov 2007

Surely ~ in Legal Terms ~ OEM is tied to the System it comes with!

  mammak 20:48 25 Nov 2007

OEM is tied to the system it is installed on FE answered this same question a few weeks ago for me!

if the system is binned then so is the license for the OEM Software installed on it.

  ventanas 22:16 25 Nov 2007

If the version in question is OEM, and I am willing to bet heavily that it is, then there is absolutely no doubt, the XP cd MUST be thrown away with the PC. The licence cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

  mammak 22:27 25 Nov 2007

You are correct of course! but the CD can be used again if you have a valid license key to use say you needed to reinstall Windows on a Computer that Recovery disks for instance did not for some reason work then you could use the CD again as long as you used the appropriate license key that was registered to that computer!

saying that there might be an awful lot of updates but you will get there eventually I have done this myself successfully.

  JMA 20:17 26 Nov 2007

I think I'll take your advise and just chuck the 'thing' away.
Thanks to all!!

  DieSse 23:57 26 Nov 2007

Surely ~ in Legal Terms ~ OEM is tied to the System it comes with!

Yes - I said exactly that.

The point I was trying to make was that OEM versions can come with a CD, just as Retail versions do (though the CD is printed rather differently).

  wee eddie 07:12 27 Nov 2007

Look at the time of the postings.

You must have had more fingers working than me.

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