Transfer Win XP intact to New computer...

  Rigga 08:26 26 Feb 2004

Hi all,

After reading loads of comments in this forum, I am purchasing a new computer from Mesh.

Going from a PIII 500 to an Athlon 64 3200+.

I just wanted some advice on the best way to transfer my current WinXP setup onto the new computer.

I know about the Programs>Accessories>System Tools> Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, but as far as I am aware this only transfers files and settings, just like it says on the tin!!

However, I have spent a long time setting up XP with all the apps I want and don't want to spend several days re-installing loads of apps.

Is it possible to take my old HD, put it in the new computer, copy the partitions across to the new HD, then just have it boot as if it were still the old computer, but a lot more powerfull.

I know I'd have to be carefull with drivers and such for the IDE, and graphics cards. But just wondered if this was possible at all?? Oh yeah it's also going from ATA100 to SATA.. just to make things more interesting!!

I have a copy of partition magic, which should hopefully help.

Just wondered if anyone had tryed anything simliar with any success or failure stuff to look out for??


  Andsome 08:29 26 Feb 2004

I have not done this myself, but my local shop transferred everything from one computer to another for me some years ago when I used 98SE. He used Norton Ghost. I know you can buy this program, but don't know the cost.

  ©®@$? 08:41 26 Feb 2004

one thing you may encounter is that windows will probably get confused!

as it will have all the device drivers, for the old computer and suddenly wake up to all these new devices

it is recommmended that you re-install windows after you install a new m/b, and you want to go that step further

personally i would spend those few days installing on new computer

  MESH Support 09:06 26 Feb 2004

There's a chance that this might work but it certainly isn't recommended.

Windows will initially boot (if your old hard drive is connected) and load various important drivers tocontrol the hardware. Video card, sound card, modem, network card etc are devices that Windows can easily recover from if drivers are not there. The motherboard and various hardware controllers would most likely cause a problem.

Also certain settings and minor optimisations are performed during the installation process which may have applied to your old PC but not you new.

It's probably best if you consider the new PC a new start, a fresh copy of Windows not weighed down or held back by unneccessary drivers or software and stick with it. It will take time but you will eventually have everything you need installed again.

You can always add your old drive as a secondary drive so you can still retrieve the data.


Mesh Support

  Rigga 09:27 26 Feb 2004

Thanks for the advice.

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet so to speak.

Just taking two days off from working, is going to cost me.. I'm a contracting programmer, and I use my computer for working roughly ever hour god sends!!

Oh well.. I just hope it only takes me two days to get back to something like where I am at the moment. It'll probably take me more than that but I might get lucky you never know. :-)

Wish me luck!


  Cesar 11:06 26 Feb 2004

Keep us informed of your progress.

  Andsome 16:48 27 Feb 2004

In my case at that time I was transferring 98SE to 98SE

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