Transfer W2000 system from full hard disk.

  Awestruck 11:21 16 Jul 2006

A friend’s computer has Windows 2000 on a 3GB hard disk. I removed as much clutter as I could from the drive and then I fitted an additional second hand 4GB hard disk for her data storage. Not surprisingly, several months later, she now receives messages that certain things will not function because the C: drive does not have enough free space.

I would like to replace her C: drive with a much bigger drive and copy everything from her present C: drive. Unfortunately, she has lost (or never had a W2000 CD) so I cannot start from scratch. I have several times transferred the entire contents of one drive to another using xcopy32, however, I have never before had to do this with an NTSF formatted drive which also has no free space.

1. Would the lack of free space prevent me from using xcopy32?
2. If xcopy32 would work from the full drive, would it copy to a new drive which is FAT32 formatted?
3. If the new drive needs to be NTSF formatted, how do I do that?

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  pj123 11:45 16 Jul 2006

xcopy doesn't work with w2000 or Win XP.

You need xxcopy from click here or xxclone from click here

You would also need to make sure that the computer can take a "much bigger" hard drive. Some motherboards will only accept up to 8gb and some up to 37gb. Check it out first.

  rodriguez 11:48 16 Jul 2006

First of all find out if your motherboard can accept higher capacity drives as most old ones don't. Then, if you can use a higher capacity drive click here to get Hiren's BootCD (it's an older version because I couldn't find the new one but will still be alright for what you need it for). Plug your old drive and new drive into the computer and start the CD up and use Norton Ghost or one of the other disk clone utilities to make an exact copy of the old drive. Then it should still work exactly the same as it did before, just with the extra space.

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