Transfer software to new pc and backup to ext hdd

  hastelloy 19:20 25 Oct 2006

I am waiting for my new pc to be delivered with XP pro preinstalled on 1 of the 2 SATA hdds. If I remove the 2 IDE hdds from my old pc and put them in external caddies, I know I can copy my data from my old D drive to my new one, but can I transfer my software (excluding the OS) from the old C drive to the new one? (I have Norton Ghost 9).

Also, I can make a backup of my new C drive on 1 of the old HDDs, but how can I use this if I ever have to reformat the new C drive? I believe that I can't switch the drives as the old ones are IDE and the new ones are SATA!! I know I'm looking at something which, hopefully, may never happen, but would rather ask before the event than after.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 25 Oct 2006

File and settings transfer wizard will allow you to move all your favourites desktop settings and emails etc.

Software is a different matter it will have settings in the registry of your old machine these setting will not be in your new machine and therefore you will have to install programs.

  acesupport 19:36 25 Oct 2006

Some software can be copied but it depends on whether the software you are talking about installs registry keys and installs files into extra locations on your system - best off to re-install. Norton Ghost will not help you with this.

You should be able to backup your new C: onto 1 of the old drives (using a caddy) with Norton Ghost. this can create an image file which you can use to restore the full system. Make sure you create the Boot Disk from Norton and that your Caddy is accessible from it - best off with a USB caddy as this should be accessible with a ghost boot disk as long as you enable USB support.

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  Terry Brown 19:45 25 Oct 2006

The easiest way would be to get a USB caddy and add it to your new system, although your new system should have IDE slots for IDE drives as well as the sata drives, and hopefully a spare drive bay to put your drive.
Just a word of caution, Your new computer will be under guarantee and by opening it, you may invalidate this, check with the company supplying the computer.

  hastelloy 20:56 25 Oct 2006

I had a nasty feeling I'd have to reinstall everything.

Fruit Bat - didn't know about the transfer wizard - that'll be very useful, thanks.

acesupport - I'll bookmark your site for future reference and pass it on. I wish I'd known about it on earlier occasions - my new pc will have a 5 year warranty. I'm not sure that I know how to create a Boot disc - I'll have to play with Norton and find out - how do I make sure the caddy is accessible from it? Both my caddies are USB.

Terry Brown - I hadn't expected to have IDE slots as well as SATA (showing my ignorance again). Your point about the guarantee is worth noting - I'll check with the supplier.

Once again - many thanks to all of you.

  woodchip 21:06 25 Oct 2006

You cannot Put Software off the old PC onto the new one without the Discs. They will not work in most cases

  hastelloy 21:13 25 Oct 2006

Thanks for that - I do have most of the discs - the rest are downloads, so its a question of finding those - and the necessary numbers which I'm sure I have on file somewhere.

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