Transfer settings from old hdd via usb to xp pro

  greybeard 21:46 04 Mar 2009

I have the task of setting up a friend's replacement laptop which has xp pro installed.
I wish to transfer as much as possible, files/software/settings(especially dial up settings)from her HDD.
Her old laptop ran 98se, but is now u/s, so I have extracted the hard drive, and have a suitable usb adapter to connect it.
I've tried to run the transfer wizard, but that needs the old pc running as far as I can see.
I can see the drive via explorer, but I'm not sure what my next move should be.
All help gratefully received.

  MAJ 22:21 04 Mar 2009

"and have a suitable usb adapter to connect it."

What type of USB adapter do you have? If possible, post a link to a picture of it.

Why did you take the hard drive from the laptop, is the laptop dead?

Bear in mind that you will/should be able to transfer data files without many problems, but you can't transfer programs, they will have to be reinstalled from their CDs, or downloaded exe files.

  greybeard 22:34 04 Mar 2009

MAJ - the usb is a simple ide/ata plug and socket with a usb connecter on the other end.
Like I said in my post, I can see the hdd drive in the new laptop, ie the files on the old hdd are visible in windows explorer on the new laptop.

Likewise, I said the old laptop is u/s, which is an oldfashioned way of saying "UnServicable", or kaput, useless.

  MAJ 22:47 04 Mar 2009

"Likewise, I said the old laptop is u/s, which is an oldfashioned way of saying "UnServicable", or kaput, useless."

I did think you meant useless, greybeard, but my brother's useless but he still works, so I wasn't sure if the laptop was 'kaput' or not. Anyhow, files are easy enough, just drag and drop, programs, you'll have to reinstall. Settings and dialup settings you'll have to note down and re-enter on the new XP machine. You can't use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard, if the old PC is not in use.

  greybeard 22:52 04 Mar 2009

"...You can't use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard, if the old PC is not in use...."
This is what I feared.
I just found it curious that it wouldn't, even though the hdd is the "essence" of the old machine, and the transfer wizard allows transfer via a lan or other cable.
Ho hum.

  MAJ 22:58 04 Mar 2009

Windows has to be running on the old drive for the wizard to work, greybeard, then it's possible to transfer via a LAN or other cable, even to transfer to an external hard drive then to the new PC.

  greybeard 08:03 05 Mar 2009

Ah, I think I have it.
Connect the hdd up to a spare computer, and boot up from it.

  MAJ 10:14 05 Mar 2009

That would work, greybeard, if the spare computer will boot from the old hard drive. There's a fair chance it wont because it doesn't have any of the spare computer's drivers installed, but it's worth a try.

  greybeard 12:11 05 Mar 2009

It's already set up to boot first from a usb connected memory stick for ubuntu, and the connecter that I'm using uses the same generic driver.
Will report back if it works !

  greybeard 21:51 05 Mar 2009

A fundamental oversight on my part was that the hdd was using 98se, which prevented me using the file transfer wizard, by whatever route.
So it was the manual transfer route that I had to use, now completed.

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