Transfer from Sattelite HD to DVD Disc

  Highland Park 23:31 01 Sep 2006

Hi !!
Have a Manhattan 550 Sat/Rec with a 150G HD fitted and would like to transfer some of the programes over to DVD disc. Anyone had any experience on this or has any suggestions that would help ?.
So mention that the Sat unit is downstairs and my Computer and writers are all upstairs.
Highland Park

  woodchip 23:38 01 Sep 2006

Best get a stand alone DVD recorder. run program and record

  Highland Park 10:22 02 Sep 2006

Hi Woodchip
Many thanks for the response, had already thought of your suggestion, but somehow I thibk that there is a problem recording from the HD in the Sat/Receiver, hence the reason for asking if anyone had past experience of it.
Highland Park

  FelixTCat 11:06 02 Sep 2006

Highland Park,

I don't know about the Sat/Rec but I have 2 hard-disk PVRs. I regularly transfer programs from them to a DVD recorder. Basically, the output from the PVR is a TV signal which is recognised by the DVD recorder just like any other TV signal (actually, I use a SCART input) and can be recorded as if it had come from the aerial.

If your Sat/Rec recordings can be watched on a TV they can be recorded on a DVD recorder.



  Highland Park 15:28 02 Sep 2006

Thanks for the response and also the comments. It looks as if this very ,very, golden oldie will have to squeeze the pension and buy a DVD Recorder, but there again which one ?.
Once again many thanks to you, and of course Woodchip for the help.
Highland Park

  rodriguez 15:42 02 Sep 2006

You could try taking the HDD out of the PVR and connecting it to the computer as if it were a normal HDD because it would fit. However Sky+ has an encrypted file structure and it's drives can't be recognised by a PC. But yours is a Manhattan unit which sounds like a Freesat system and not Sky+ so you could always try it because Freesat units might just use a standard FAT32 file system that can be accessed by a PC, but I'm not certain as I have a Sky+ unit.

  dms05 16:04 02 Sep 2006

I approached the problem differently. I have several Satellite Receivers (Sky and others) that I have connected to a DVD+HDD Recorder. I record to HDD and then transfer to DVD for archiving. This has the advantage that I can (a) easily edit the programme on the HDD (b) it transfers over to DVD from HDD at several times the real time speed - ie 1 hour of TV transfers to DVD from HDD in approx 6 minutes.

  Highland Park 00:12 03 Sep 2006

Hi !!
rodriguez & dms05
Thanks for the imput, will take it all onboard and give it a try when I get the time.
Highland Park

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