Transfer a quality cam film from camcorder to pc

  gkford 16:47 08 Aug 2005

I have just upgraded my computer to amd64 3000 in order to edit camcorder film and transfer to dvd, however the quality of the download is far from satisfactory. My upgrade did not change the video card which is a g force 2 GTS. Any help or sujestions much apreciated. My video recorder makes a perfect copy from the tape.

  petescully 17:56 08 Aug 2005

what is your camcorder? is it digital? when you say poor quality, do you mean its at a small resolution? i.e. 320x240, etc. ??

  gkford 18:43 08 Aug 2005

The camcorder is digital but the pictures when seen on the computer are somewhat blurred and not nearly as clear as the original

  petescully 20:05 08 Aug 2005

I'm not going to be able to help you much more, but i'm not sure exactly how the image appears.

It appears blurred, but do you mean its zoomed in (or expanded above 100%, for example to full screen)?

Does it run slowly? - are you seeing the whole movie? - does it skip frames?

Do you have plenty of other programs running at the same time?

How much memory do you have?

How much hard disk space do you have free?

How much virtual memory hard disk space do you have assigned? Have you set it?

Can you save the movie to your PC, then run it from the hard disk?

Another thing to bare in mind, what spec is the g force 2 gts? - mb? - type and speed agp x? or pci, etc.?

What is the resolution of the movie?

These last two should make you ask yourself the question, is the pc up to spec?

I think there are plenty more details needed to answer your query.

Good luck with it though.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 08 Aug 2005

I'm afraid I know very little about it, a friend of mine does it and thinks the DVDs he creates are really brilliant but personally I don't think the quality is there as having seen the original and his creation its definatly inferior in terms of quality. He uses a firewire card to get the video into his PC. Perhaps a dedicated capture card would be be better and hopefully someone else will know the answer havong tried it themselves.

  john-232317 20:36 08 Aug 2005

What program are you using and how are you transfering it to the PC. Are you just watching it or have you captured it to the program.

Firewire is fine for capturing the video. Just check that he stores the files as AVI during capture and while saving any editing etc.

It will need to be converted to MPEG format but this should only be done at the final stage when doing the transfer to DVD.

What may be happening is that he is using the MPEG format throughout and the file is degrading at each stage.

Alternatively, your friend may be trying to put too much film on a single DVD. My own experience is that around an hour gives the best quality (although I am sure that others may disagree).

  gkford 07:20 09 Aug 2005

Answers to some of your questions-
picture fits full screen but appears out of focus, compared to original. Does not skip frames
no other programes running
512 memory
80% free on HD
do not understand "virtual memory"
dont know resolution
I use firewire to transfer
I have watched via dvd and also straight from computer.
Now looking for something to try.

  gkford 10:01 09 Aug 2005

to add to my other coments, when viewing via the normal small picture when viewing off the computer the image seems quite reasonable but going to full screen the picture seems out of focus and "shimmering"

  john-232317 10:05 09 Aug 2005

The main question is what program are you using ?

  gkford 10:09 09 Aug 2005

I transferred using microsoft movie maker

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