transfer pics from mob to pc

  di 13:15 05 Jun 2005

I know I have sort of asked this before but I have found out that if I buy a data cable to transfer pics from my mob, nokia 3220 to my pc it says that the software that I need will not run on the old windows98 only a later version, is there any other way I can transfer pics to my computer, I don't really want to get a new computer at the moment as it works ok for now, thanks for your help

  Technotiger 13:57 05 Jun 2005

Hi, I might just be talking rubbish, but, I think your phone is email capable - could you perhaps send your pics by email to your own pc?

Just a thought.


  di 14:27 05 Jun 2005

Hi Technotiger
my phone is on pay as you go, as I don't use it much, and I think you have to sign up to all sorts to be able to send emails, I want to (hopefully) transfer them for free, thanks for help though.

  Technotiger 14:38 05 Jun 2005

Hi again - just another thought, does your phone have infra-red? if so, an infr-red dongle may do the trick - quite cheap to buy, I have infr-red with my Nokia8910/PC.

  Pooke 14:39 05 Jun 2005

other than technotiger's suggestion.

Find someone that'll let you connect your phone to their PC with a newer OS, then copy them to disk and move them to your computer.

Your Nokia phone doesn't support infra red or bluetooth. The only ways I know is the above.

Sorry, maybe someone else will know of another way.

Best of luck.


  lozparry 14:41 05 Jun 2005

do you have IrDA, if not buy a USB to IrDA dongle at about £10 on ebay

  di 18:31 06 Jun 2005

I like the idea of copying onto a dic on someone elses computer and then I can use it on mine, I do have a usb outlet if that is the right word, it is just the software details says it will only run on the later version of windows 98 no the first edition like mine.

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