Transfer of photos from PC to I Pad

  iscanut 15:11 20 Feb 2013

After having taken photos on my camera, I am able to transfer them to my I Pad from the SD card with the appropriate connector. However, when I copy photos from my Windows PC to an SD card and then try and transfer to the I Pad, the card and photos are not recognised and no transfer is possible. It makes no difference as to the size or type of SD card. The question is therefore how can I transfer photos stored on my PC to my I Pad ?

  john bunyan 15:47 20 Feb 2013

An easy way is to use iTunes. I set iTunes to manually synch as the "mother" PC is also used by grandchildren with iPads. In iTunes, Preferences, Devices ,tick the box "Prevent iPods, Ipads etc from auto synch".Then I would make a folder with the photos you want to transfer to the iPad on your windows PC. I actually have a folder also used for a photo frame. I redeuce the resolution from my normal 300 dpi used for printing, to 72 dpi as this is the max resolution for screens. It may be the iPad does this last automatically but I am not sure, but my method ensures that the pictures do not take up too much space. Then connect the iPad with iTunes open. On the photos tab, which should then appear, browse to find the folder you want and synch it.I actually do the music and films in a similar way as my grandchildren have different tastes .

  john bunyan 15:51 20 Feb 2013

Ps the photos tab only appears when the iPad is connected. I have a few REuced size (1gig) DVD's which I treat similarly (ie not in the iTunes media folder)

  iscanut 15:57 20 Feb 2013

Thanks John, will give that a try.

  brambles 18:34 24 Feb 2013

iscanut2 - Why don't you try DROPBOX.

Install Dropbox on your Computer

Install Dropbox as a free App on your iPad

Now any photos you drag into your DROPBOX on the computer will automatically be transfered to DROPBOX on your iPAD

You can transfer documents too! Brambles

  iscanut 19:19 25 Feb 2013

Thanks brambles..will try that also.

  john bunyan 20:38 25 Feb 2013

Another one, which I have not tried is iPhoto :

iPhoto but I think my original suggestion is simpler.

  Woolwell 20:48 25 Feb 2013

Dropbox free has a limit of 16Gb which should be fine for most iPads however if your upload speed is low then it can take some time to transfer. The quickest way is to transfer via usb through iTunes. You can also use photostream via iCloud see how to use photostream

  Woolwell 20:50 25 Feb 2013

I've used iPhoto a few times and as far as I am aware you have to sync via iTunes or Photostream.

  dwe 14:08 28 Feb 2013

E mail them to yourself and then save them

  iscanut 16:38 28 Feb 2013

E mail limit is too small to email lots of photos, especially as they are 3 to 5 Mbytes a time. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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