Transfer Photos From Camera To PC

  muffin1947 10:16 07 Jan 2009

I have a item to sell on ebay and I have taken a picture of it and want to copy it onto my ebay listing.The only problem being is I have about 200 photos already on the camera.When I click on my computer and then click on the camera icon it says all photos which are ticked will be copied to my hard drive so I have to untick them all apart from the one I need.Is it possible to untick them all on mass.Why are they ticked they should all be unticked and I could tick them as required.Any ideas anyone.

  Technotiger 10:23 07 Jan 2009

Yes, tick on Select All, then untick the one photo you want to use. Then go to Edit and in the drop-down menu click on Invert Selection.

  Al94 10:24 07 Jan 2009

If you're using the scanner and camera wizard just click on "clear all" under the window that shows all the ticked thumbnails then tick the ones you want to copy

  scotty 10:26 07 Jan 2009

It sounds as if you have some dedicated software which was probably supplied with the camera. (What camera and what software are you using?)

Normally, the memory card in the camera will show up as a removable disc in Windows Explorer. Try closing the dedicated software and looking for the camera in Explorer. If it shows up, you will be able to view, copy and paste as if the files were stored on your computer.

  muffin1947 11:00 07 Jan 2009

Hi Scotty
My camera is a Kodak cx 7300 and the software is what came with the camera which was Easy Share Software v 4.0.2
if that helps.

  muffin1947 11:06 07 Jan 2009

Thanks AL94 I did what you suggested which did the job why did I not spot that.Thanks for all the replies people

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