Transfer OS (WIN ME) to new hard drive? no disk

  Azimuth 17:46 07 Feb 2006

I have 2 pcs, one at college running Win98SE, have disk;
other at home running Win ME, pre-installed, no disk, supplier gone bust, no support. both OS legal, not copies etc.

I want to take the newish large hard drive from my college system (Win98)and put it in my home system (no prob there), removing the small drive from my home system.
I would like to continue to use ME at home, this means I need to move ME onto the larger drive.
I don't want to have to lose/reinstall the many applications on the large drive.
Can I transfer the ME OS over?

The plan is for the small drive to then go into my old (obsolete) college system, install Win 98 from my disk, and lend it to my aging father (no guarantee of compatibility:-) !!), who at 75, has finally decided to try out a computer, but is reluctant to purchase until he's sure he can cope.

Any advice gratefully received.

  AndySD 18:01 07 Feb 2006

What is the make of the large drive as you will prodably find the Hard Disk manufacturer has a program to do this on their website.

  Azimuth 18:05 07 Feb 2006

generic brown box from pc world, no details available on system info or drivers, looking into it...

  Dorsai 18:12 07 Feb 2006

If I read this right, you want to swop the drives over, but leave the OS's on the respective PC's?

Should not be too hard. Disk clone software often comes with new drives (you might have got a suable app on a FD when you bought the larger HDD). Then you can copy ME over, and re-install 98 using the CD.

Did the

  pipedream 18:22 07 Feb 2006

I'm not a grest fan of anything with "Norton" in the title, but Norton Ghost works well - you can clone one drive to another very easily. After cloning (or ghosting), the new drive should boot & run just as the old one did. There may be freeware cloning software available but I haven't tried this.

  Azimuth 18:29 07 Feb 2006

AndySD - Drive's a Western digital

Dorsai -
alas, "generic brown box" comes with nothing, no disks, no drivers...dirt cheap; take your chances (subject to guarantee of course)
They are specific to PC world,possibly factory repack or similar.
I'm aware of existance of cloning software, and looking into it.
I have nowhere to clone it to(?) and putting whole of ME installation (+contents) onto larger drive won't upgrade the OS from 98 to ME without the setup or installation files. I'm not sure whether these are there or not.
Suffering from limited time and knowledge:-)

  Azimuth 19:03 07 Feb 2006

Excuse my ignorance!
Is the implication that I can just "copy" or clone ME onto the drive that I want it on, and ditch or "delete" the installation of 98, and all my apps will still work (and my data intact)?

data is lesser issue as it can be moved/copied with ease - hence not mentioned earlier

  Diemmess 19:30 07 Feb 2006

From what you have said you can "image"transfer the contents of either drive to the other provided the stuff you are transferring belongs to that computer.

This avoids real snags which would occur if you place a "ready made" system on a different motherboard.

The snag as I see it comes with where to put the precious images meanwhile!

"Restoring" an image to another HD will wipe that HD clean of anything that was there to start with.

So you have to use an imaging program like Ghost to burn a CD image of each.

There are other ways, like using partitions or yet another HD, but that's another and more expensive story.

  pipedream 22:26 07 Feb 2006

Azimuth - thought I'd reply to this via the forum. You said.. "Thanks for advice not sure if I've explained well, or if I understand exactly. I want to upgrade my OS from 98 to ME. ME is presently on a differnt hard drive, in another pc, pre-installed, no disk. I want to keep the data and apps on the bigger drive (which is 98) and put it into the faster system,and uprade the OS. So I want to swap drives between two sytems and then swap the operating systems as well. One issue with cloning (which I've never done yet, so may be incorrect) I have nowhere to clone to? Thanks"
You're righ, I was assuming you wantd to didth the 98 installation rather than upgrade it. I don't think this is possible, sorry!

  pipedream 22:26 07 Feb 2006

Sorry, I'll spray that again... You're right, I was assuming you wanted to ditch the 98 installation rather than upgrade it. I don't think this is possible, sorry!

  Azimuth 01:26 08 Feb 2006

pipedream - Thanks, no probs:-)

Diemmess - interesting!

Thanks all, I'll check in tomorrow...

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