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  Cam-330894 21:12 24 Mar 2004

Hi All, I hope this question is in the right place. I have a site regestered with 1&1 but not hosted with them. I have arranged a host but I can't find a way of transfering the details from 1&1 to the new host company. I have done this with other hosting companies but 1&1 seem to make it as difficult as possible. Has anyone out there performed such a transfer? Any help would be appreciated.

  adam123 20:19 25 Mar 2004

Hi Brasscutter,

I havn'e done what you ask but I do have a domain registered with One and One. I later attempted to arrange hosting but realised they wanted 12 months up front AND a set up fee so I didn't bother. Instead I used my ISP as a host and 'pointed' my domain name to my home directory on my ISPs server. The domain remains in the browser, works OK for me.

Hope this helps.

  Cam-330894 21:10 25 Mar 2004

Originally I registered 2 sites. I redirected one to my ISP provided webspace but the result was a bit unprofessional as the bar at the bottom of the page gave details of the free hosting. Not what I expected. In addition I will change ISP in the next month from Blueyonder to .... some other.
Thanks for the comment. 02:29 26 Mar 2004

to a half decent host, they should carry out any neccessary transfers for you. They are only to eager to get another customer.

  Cam-330894 21:40 26 Mar 2004

I must admit it is not the most exspensive hosting package but as a place to experiment and park sites for "clients" to look at I should not need extensive help. The main problem seems that 1&1 do not make enough information available in one place nor are their FAQs comprehensive. This is part of the learnig curve.
I have performed trnsfers for a number of sites with other companies and it has always been possible to do so from the site that has the name.

I am sure that some people host sites with big names and are willing and able to pay the associated prices. There is no excuse for a company making it disgustingly difficult to transfer away from them.

  steven_frost 09:17 27 Mar 2004

I have done it with one and one you have to inform them by fax that you wish to transfer you domain name to a new host, becareful they lost my fax twice and their not very fast at sorting it out

  Forum Editor 09:46 27 Mar 2004

that very few hosts are quick off the mark when it comes to retagging a domain to another name server. I have yet to move one without having to remind the host at least once, and often several times. It's human nature I suppose - the host sees the name transfer as business (or potential business) down the drain, and consequently there's a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

  pj123 14:13 27 Mar 2004

Agree with FE. It took me months to change hosts for two domains. And have been told that .com domains don't have "tags" so that could be even harder.

  Cam-330894 23:11 24 Dec 2004

1&1 now have a control panel and so the change was easy.

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