"Transfer My PC" - worth using?

  justjill 14:34 22 Sep 2005


I have just bought a new Dell PC and I ordered a program with it called Transfer My PC but having searched in the archives of the helproom, it seems it would just be easier to buy a USB key thing and transfer files that way. Now that I have Transfer My PC though, is it worth using? I mainly want to transfer photos and I'm not all that bothered about keeping my old settings and so on. Any thoughts?



  VoG II 14:38 22 Sep 2005

Windows XP has a built-in method for doing this click here click here

  justjill 09:01 23 Sep 2005

Thank you VoG™. I didn't realise that XP had that capability. Slightly naughty of Dell to recommend you buy a programme when XP can already do it ;)

Apologies for not replying sooner - I have a nine-month-old baby - 'nuff said!



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