transfer from limited xp user doc to vista denied?

  theDarkness 12:26 28 Oct 2010

Im using an IDE to USB cable to transfer my XP document folder from an XP drive to my current Vista pc. My problem is that even though the XP documents folder has no password, I cannot transfer the drives documents folder or even read its content, using my transfer cable. it always says that permission is denied. Windows easy transfer in vista does not help, as when I insert the USB cable, it doesnt detect the drive in order to continue (despite the drive popping up within vista and being browsable, except for the user documents folder and its content I am trying to copy over).

How can I remove security permissions for this folder within XP? Vista still cant read or copy them if I try and take "read only" off it. Vista tells me I dont have the permissions, and should view the security tab to take off any, but when viewing the folders security tab, I am unable to set any. Help! Is there a way within XP to make a folder readable on any computer? I might be able to get around the problem by simply moving the content of my documents in XP to a "shared documents" folder on the hard drive, but I would like to know the real solution. thanks for any help if possible

  theDarkness 13:22 28 Oct 2010

thanks-was trying everything, I knew that simply creating an identical name and password wouldnt do the trick, but this does :)

  theDarkness 13:58 28 Oct 2010

its a new ide to usb cable with its own power supply, which can literally get too hot to touch for long(literally!) but it seems to be staying at the same level and is working ok.

  theDarkness 15:02 28 Oct 2010

yep, far too hot! im not going to chance it, as ive just found some reviews of the exact model I bought off ebay, and the mains adapter are almost all BLOWING UP click here
I have exactly the same model/box as shown. The only difference is that some users are stating that it hasnt got the safety mark, CE. My one does, but it also states 116 C on the box. Is that the maximum that it operates at? No wonder these things are blowing, lol.

I thought it was a bit cheap on ebay, no brand is stated, even on its blue box, exept for "made in china"! I cant find any more mains adapters for IDE hard drives on their own anywhere (ebay sells loads, but they are all of this same FZ chinese model, despite it being for the uk mains). Looks like I will have to buy another converter, but a safer one that I dont have to cross my fingers with in order to use it! Can anyone recommend a good brand of IDE to USB hard drive converter?

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