Transfer of Licence XP Pro

  alcudia 15:05 18 Sep 2003

A few months back I upgraded an aging P3 to XP Pro with a retail purchased upgrade CD. The hard drive has now failed and the pc broken up and destroyed.

I have another (ME) machine that could use this disc if the licence can be transferred. MS have told me there will not be a problem, but that's ok now, before it's on the machine. I don't want to be in the situation where I have installed it and they change their minds. I cannot, of course, prove that the pc it was on no-longer exists.

Has anyone had any experience of transferring an XP licence and was there any problem with activation, which will have do be done by telephone.

Thanks in advance.

  stlucia 15:20 18 Sep 2003

No experience of transferring XP, but I did activate my copy by phone and they didn't ask me any details of the PC I was installing it on. So the situation that you've got is just the same as someone who has had to format their HDD for some reason, and now needs to re-load XP. MS can't have any objection.

  stlucia 15:23 18 Sep 2003

I've just realised, the discussion here click here is relevant.

  DieSse 17:16 18 Sep 2003

If it's a Retail version (NOT an OEM version) - you can freely transfer it between systems and even sell it if you wish. However it cannot be on more than one system at any one time.

The rules for OEM versions are quite different.

You will have no problems activating it.

  alcudia 08:17 19 Sep 2003

That's what I wanted to hear. It IS a retail version. However I have decided to leave until the Xmas break when I will have more time.

Thanks a lot.

  steven_frost 08:51 19 Sep 2003

I had to reinstall xp pro on to my a new hard drive phoned MS up and had no problems with them activating it at all

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