Transfer a large file

  jonikist 12:51 20 May 2008

I have a 2.2GB mpeg that I want to get to someone else, how can I do it over the internet free?

  Jak_1 13:09 20 May 2008

Short of using a vpn you will need to split the file and upload the chunks to somewhere like Rapidshare. If you have winrar then this is relatively simple, just set winrar to split the file into chunks. In winrar set the file split to Zip 100, this will give you chunks of approx 90 MB, ideal for Rapidshare who's max upload at one go is 100 MB per file. Once split simply upload each chunk to Rapidshare, you can upload again as soon as one upload has finshed:
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email the recipient the download details for each chunk as given. Once they have downloaded each part, so long as they have winrar, they only need to open any part and all will automatically re-join.

  sean-278262 13:32 20 May 2008

you could get gmail drive click here

Use bodongo which as far as I am aware has no limitations on file size.
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Alternatively you can use any microsoft live account (if you use a or email you have this) to use skydrive.
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The last option open to you is to make a winrar file with a password and then use a torrent file to upload it to whoever needs it. This means no intermediate group are involved and also has the advantage of allowing you to turn off your PC. The password for the torrent can then be given to only the people who need the file and that way no one else can access the file short of a brute force password breaker.
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Personally I hate rapidshare as it just happens to be the biggest load of rubbish out there with all the advertising and messing around waiting. If I had to choose one option making a torrent would be my choice as it is easy to do and doesnt require a lot of user intervention to upload many files.

  Jak_1 13:47 20 May 2008

"Personally I hate rapidshare as it just happens to be the biggest load of rubbish out there with all the advertising and messing around waiting."

Only if you use the free part! I have a paid account , cheap enough and saves all the waiting about plus you can do multi downloads.
Trouble is, evryone wants something for nothing, using freebies comes with a cost, restrictions!

  tullie 15:34 20 May 2008


  sean-278262 15:56 20 May 2008

Jak_1 I hate it because a lot of people use it to send files. Personally I just use my server system to host them through my broadband connection. Thats totally free with no restrictions or stupid payment schemes.

  jonikist 16:03 20 May 2008

If I use winrar to split the 2GB file into smaller 100MB files, upload them to skydrive, the person downloads the 20 files, does these mean the person can only watch the mpeg in 20 episodes or will winrar put them back together? This is what I am trying just now, downloading a torrent client crashed the machine so I thought winrar would be quicker...wrong it's taking an hour to compress the 2GB into 100MB files.

  jonikist 16:05 20 May 2008

sorry guys noticed the question was allready answered...and it should rejoin..

  brundle 16:08 20 May 2008

Just set compress to fastest or store, it will hardly touch an mpeg file even on the highest compression.

  Jak_1 16:30 20 May 2008

Winrar will automaticaly rejoin the parts.

  jonikist 18:06 20 May 2008

Here's how far I have got, winrar split the 2.2GB file into 22 100MB files. Sky drive will only allow 50MB files, I am trying badongo but it is so slow and it has shown error three times now, first error message said file too big but the site does say it will upload 100MB files.

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