Transfer from Junk to normal in OE6

  TonyV 19:54 28 Aug 2009

A pal of mine is having problems with OE6 in that there are e mails that are arriving for him that are directed to the Junk folder. Is there any way that, like in Windows Live Mail, he can right click the offending mail and designate it "Not Junk" and get it transferred to his "In Box"?

I have looked at it for him but there appears to be no such facility!



  johnnyrocker 20:02 28 Aug 2009

does he have message rules set up?


  brundle 20:10 28 Aug 2009

OE has no spam/junkmail management of its own, he needs to check the configuration of his security or third-party spam filtering software.

  TonyV 20:12 28 Aug 2009

No! I told him to try out Windows Live Mail which has the facility he wants, but I think it is a case of "Better the Devil .....". I seem to remember some time ago when I used OE6 that there was a transfer facility, the like of which I described above, but can't find it at the moment.

The only problem with setting the rules up would be that he would have to set a goodly number up merely to take account of all the bona fide e mails that are getting sidetracked to the Junk Folder. Unless, of course, you could put a number of names or address in to the rule to make it cover a selection.



  TonyV 20:16 28 Aug 2009

That's interesting. He has AVG Pro I think and he is also covered by the BT Yahoo mail system. maybe there is something in the BT Mail system. I will get him to check or have a look my self, though he is out of the parish tomorrow for a couple of days. I'll have a word later on Sunday when he should be back.



  TonyV 20:24 28 Aug 2009

I have just checked on my Yahoo mail and there is a facility in there for transferring Spam. Maybe that will be his answer. Open it up in Web mail then do the transfer there before opening up OE6 and trying to do it there.



  Sea Urchin 21:03 28 Aug 2009

When you say Junk folder I assume you mean the Deleted Items folder. You can of course right-click the message and select Move to Folder - then to Inbox. But that would have to be done for each message.

Other than that johnnyrocker's suggestion of the message rules is the only answer. But are you saying that all mail is being directed to the deleted folder?

  natdoor 21:12 28 Aug 2009

It is possible to drag and drop messages between folders in OE6. Also, incoming e-mails will only go directly to the Delete folder, I believe, if the sender is blocked. Check for entries in Tools --> Message Rules --> Mail --> Blocked Senders.

  TonyV 23:18 28 Aug 2009

No, I mean that mail that is deemed to be spam even though it is not and arrives in the Spam/Junk folder.

Drag and dropping could be another way rond the problem. I think the thing is that if the rule is set up to send specific addresses to the In Box rather than the filter thinking it is spam/junk, they are not actually being blocked and would not end up in the Delete Box. That could be a wee bit naughty since the e mails are not spam/junk and need responding to.



  Sea Urchin 00:14 29 Aug 2009

What I don't understand is that Outlook Express does not have the facility to filter out spam/junk messages (apart from using the message rules). So any incoming mail will go to the Inbox unless filtered elsewhere by a "rule".

There is no spam/junk folder - these are the only system folders in OE

click here

  TonyV 09:33 29 Aug 2009

It was certainly contained with in a Spam/Junk folder when I looked at it yesterday! What I will do is go and have another look when he is back from his sojourn and see if there is some link with his BT Yahoo mail system. It was in OE6 that I saw the problem. I'll let you know as soon as I get a chance, probably not until Monday. (From my point of view, I would rather he changed to Windows Live Mail, since that has the facility he is looking for!)



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