Transfer images TO digital camera

  naggis 09:40 21 Feb 2007

It would be good to transfer pictures back to the memory in my camera to show away from home.
Although my Nikon Coolpix 3200 saves pictures in jpg format, it will not show pictures in this format which have been transfered to it from the pc.
Why is this?
Is there a workaround?

  dms05 10:25 21 Feb 2007

Are you sure the pics are going into the correct folder on the SD card? I have a 2200 and can copy pics to my SD card (that are then viewable on the camera), but I do so in a card reader rather than via a USB cable connected to the camera.

  naggis 11:32 21 Feb 2007

hi dms05
I have just tried copying a jpg file to a compact flash card using a card reader. The camera says that the card contains no images!
There must be a way to sort this - its just that I don't know what it is.

  Pamy 13:03 21 Feb 2007

Hi naggis, I have just done what you want to do with my Fugi camera. I went to Windows Explorer,My Computer and then the drive that the pictures are on. I made the window smaller to just show the pictures I wished to transfere, then opened my Fugi drive, then I opened the Fugi folder which was empty and then dragged and dropped each picture into it. The pictures are now back on my Fugi card and I can view them on the camera OK. Hope this may help

  naggis 13:32 21 Feb 2007

Hi Pamy
The procedure you mention is the one I have tried to use with no sucess. I wonder if its my camera or Nikon - or what?

  Pamy 14:04 21 Feb 2007

Try the same procedure but to a different drive, just to see if the pictures will copy over to another drive. Cannot suggest any thing elso only to contact Nicon

  naggis 16:20 21 Feb 2007

Eventually I have found the answer.
The Compact Flash card must be formatted by the camera.
This sets up 3 folders.
The folder DCIM contains a further folder 100NIKON
If the images are copied to this folder the camera will see them
I knew there must be a solution somewhere.

  Weskit 18:46 21 Feb 2007

Just tried that with my HP camera using an SD card, shows as an unsupported image file. Back to the drawing board..

  jack 20:03 21 Feb 2007

This one is an old chestnut that comes up from time to time.
This is the story,
Although the images produced by a camera are JPEG- they are not ordinary JPEG.
The proper name for them is EXIF
This is a JPEG file with extra bells and whistles such as camera exposure data and camera make and date.
When the images are loaded into an image editor- especially some of the older ones, those with their own file type like Photo Shop and Paintshop - the program does not know about EXIF and drops the extras - When back loaded to camera it does not recognise the images,
Theoretically Win XP machines know about EXIF and accept it older O/S do not.
There are programs that can put on a dummy Patch to fool the camera.
Try click here and I think Irfanview will also.

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