Transfer files from windows 3.1 to XP

  Pablo440 20:00 17 Apr 2003

Can anyone help? I'm trying to open my old files from my previous machine which ran on Windows 3.1 and was bought in 1992. I've just updated my computer and want to use my spreedsheets on Works 7.0 but they refuse to open, stating that they are encrpyted and need to be opened in the application that they were saved in. I've tried opening them in Exxel SS which is what I used to use but with no luck. What am I doing wrong?

  -pops- 20:27 17 Apr 2003

I think you're expecting rather too much for Windows to cope with.

If you have access to W95, you might be able to do it in stages and transfer from 3.1 to W95 and then try XP but I fairly sure that you won't be able to do it in one stage.

Eleven years is a very long time in computer terms!


  -pops- 09:11 18 Apr 2003

I'm surprised there haven't been more responses to this, including one from the originator.

Nevertheless, moving to the top.


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