Transfer Files from one m/c to a new one via USB?

  TonyV 19:44 20 Jan 2007

I need to transfer a number files from an existing desktop PC to a new lap top. There are a lot of files and some are quite large. I have a USB Link cable and want to connect one end to the Desktop PC and the other end to the Laptop. Incidentally, I am talking about transferring data files and not settings.

Is it really as easy as it sounds in the instructions supplied with the USB Link cable? The Link cable is a Vivanco EDP number 3987.

I'm a little concerned as I have not completed this function before and looking at the Windows Files and Settings Wizard seems only to refer to the use of Serial cables or networking. Hence my apprehension regarding the USB method.

I have a 1gb flash drive which could be used but it would take a few operations to complete the task whereas the USB method could be completed in one foul swoop.

Both machines have XP Home.



  howard64 19:47 20 Jan 2007

I have used such a cable and had no problems doing it. I seem to remember that I had to click on each screen to identify the recipient pc and the donor one.

  TonyV 19:52 20 Jan 2007

Thanks for that. It seems as though the driver for the cable has to be installed in each machine and perhaps that is the reason that both screens have to be "alive" when the transfer takes place. I also get the impression that once the software is installed, the "Drag & Drop" facility can come in to being. As I said earlier, it seems easy, but, ever the cynic, I wanted some experienced comment before I venture forth.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 20 Jan 2007

I used to use one of these USB links before seting up a network.

Install on both machines set one as "sender" and other as "client" or words to that effect.

then just drag and drop as you would across normal folders / drives.

  TonyV 20:57 20 Jan 2007

Many thanks for that. As I say, it certainly seems easy and without any real problems. So, when I have both machines together, I'll give it a whirl.


  woodchip 21:19 20 Jan 2007

USB Link Cable Like this one. you have to load the software on both computers click here.

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  woodchip 21:23 20 Jan 2007

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  Strawballs 21:25 20 Jan 2007

Use the file and settings transfer wizard in system tools.

  TonyV 19:44 21 Jan 2007

Thanks for your input. I actually have the Link cable as mentioned above.

Strawballs, as I mentioned above, the File & Settings Transfer Wizard seems to relate to serial type transfer and not USB.

It seems that now we have the cable and its' driver software we will go ahead and transfer the bucket full of files.

Thanks all.


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