transfer files to icy box

  fitcher 22:46 08 Mar 2005

I have an external icy box with a hard drive fitted I would like to be able to transfer things easily from my laptop to this new drive .the drive is formatted and is showing as extra drive ,it is the drag and drop process that I come unstuck with, often only half the files or just the icon left showing on the new drive ,is there a software to make it easier to do .simmilar to the nero, you use to make up files for a cd writer,, like burning to an external drive say cheers

  Dragon Heart 02:04 09 Mar 2005

Have you tried the 'send to' option ?

Highlight file(s) to be moved, right click mouse and send to options are shown.

If your external drive not on list do simple search for "Send to" and copy a shortcut of drive into folder.

  Peter 02:14 09 Mar 2005


You could try drag and drop using the right mouse button. This will give you a dropdown list of options from which you can choose "Copy" to copy the file. Other options will allow you to "Move" or "Create a Shortcut".


  Peter 14:00 10 Mar 2005


You've applied the "Green Tick", but what solved your problem? Others, who read this thread, might have the same, or a similar, problem and they could find the solution useful.


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