transfer of files etc from laptop

  mrlucky 16:12 18 Mar 2006

how can i get files/folders/games/photos off an old laptop?.i have,nt used the thing for 3 years or so and did,nt realise just what i had on,s running windows 98 se with no cd writer.i,v a usb 2 external harddrive and thought i might be able to drag and drop everything i wanted to on to it.does,nt seem to to want to know.any ideas help appreciated.

  terryf 16:19 18 Mar 2006

Yes, if you have the USB drive and a USB socket on the laptop just do as you said, plug in the usb drive (assuming the laptop has a usb socket) and drag all the files across. Of course the games like any other programs can only be transferred if you have the installation files. Then reverse the process to transfer to your PC, If the usb drive is too small, you might have to take too bites at the cherry!

  mrlucky 16:26 18 Mar 2006

i did,nt think about game installation files.(nice puzzle long since gone)will try again to do photos/documents.ta

  Totally-braindead 16:32 18 Mar 2006

As terryf has said you can just drag and drop that will definately work for word documents, photos, music files etc but might not work as he said regarding programs. If you could list the puzzle game perhaps someone can either give you a link to it if its available or suggest some free game which is similar.

  recap 17:27 18 Mar 2006

If it is Windows 98 and not Windows 98se, you may not get the USB2 to work, as W98 doesn't support most USB2 devices.

You could use a Serial Port to network them, which in theory would work but, would be very slow.

  Strawballs 21:25 18 Mar 2006

Does the laptop have a network port? if so you can use a crossover cable to do a simple network and that would be much faster.

  mrlucky 10:20 19 Mar 2006

thanks for help/ a feeling the o/s is win98 as the usb ext drive does,nt seem to work.i,v managed to get all important doc,s on floppy and luckily photos were printed.the puzzle program was bejewelled definately bought from,as was, electronic boutique for £ teen tells me it,s available anywhere on internet so another little niggle appreciate input...thanks again.

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