transfer files from computer to computer

  thospot 15:31 23 Jan 2007

Sorry if I am in the wrong forum but I would like to know how to transfer my photographs of which there is quite a few from my old computer to my new one...
I have managed to get them connected together via a crossover cable and they are now both on line but I am now stuck as to how to transfer from one to another. Thanks in advance...

  Kate B 15:32 23 Jan 2007

Probably easier just to dump the files on to a USB flash drive or DVD and do it that way.

  Technotiger 15:34 23 Jan 2007

Hi, have not done this myself, but if you right-click on the folder containing the pics, you may then see a drop-down menu with 'Send to' or similar.

  thospot 15:36 23 Jan 2007

Thanks Kate, that was very quick...

I have got a memory stick that holds 512meg and have already used it but it will take me forever with that..

Is there no way of doing it straight from one comp to another?..

  thospot 15:37 23 Jan 2007

Thanks Technotiger. I will try that now...

  thospot 15:41 23 Jan 2007

I have tried the 'send to' after right clicking but it only takes me to the desktop or 'my documents'

  Technotiger 15:49 23 Jan 2007

Hmmm, when you right-click on the My Pictures folder do you not get, within the drop-down menu,
an item called 'Sharing and Security' - because this allows you to share with another pc on a network, in this case, your wired-up connection being the network. I think!

  terryf 15:51 23 Jan 2007

Have you gone to Explorer and seen the two computers? look at 'My Network places. If they are there, right click on a folder where pics are stored and choose Sharing and security, you must also do this on receiving folder, then you should be able to drag and drop files from one to other

  terryf 15:52 23 Jan 2007

Technotiger snap

  Technotiger 15:52 23 Jan 2007

by the way, don't just right-click on the folder on your desktop (assuming you are clicking on My Pictures), instead go to Start>My Documents and then right-click on your My Pictures folder to see the drop-down menu, as I have described it.

  Technotiger 15:54 23 Jan 2007

That makes a change - I am usually the one typing too slowwww ...

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