Transfer files to CD

  curly 13:18 09 Sep 2004

I have two computers. On one I may drag and drop files onto a CD.

On the other I have a problem. Whenever I try to drag and drop it refuses to do this. When I look at the CD properties, it shows the disc full, when it is empty!

I should be grateful for suggestions. The programme on the computer is 'Easy CD Creator'.

  rawprawn 16:32 09 Sep 2004

format the CD using the facility in Easy CD Creator. That has worked for me in the past

  Stuartli 17:22 09 Sep 2004

Nero is probably a better bet - I much prefer it to Easy CDCreater.

If you use Nero in multisession form with CD-Rs you can create a folder and drag and drop items to it as required until the disk is full. Then finalise the disk prior to the last burning session. No formatting is necessary.

CD-Rs are superior to CD-RW disks as they have far superior reflectivity and dramatically reduce any likelihood of problems reading them on your drive - or any other drive - in the future.

If you intend to create backups, use two disks to ensure a backup for a backup. One may be accidentally damaged or some other mishap occur.

  rawprawn 17:28 09 Sep 2004

I guess somebody solved his problem.

  rawprawn 17:35 09 Sep 2004

If you are still out there, I went and looked at Nero, and it said there was new one out soon, how much is Nero, I have Pinnacle which is not very good but I am lothe to spend yet more money on another program that "Does the same job" what is your opinion on what I should do ?.

  curly 20:02 09 Sep 2004

You can buy an edition on Ebay from £3+

  terminus 01:22 10 Sep 2004

from the Nero Ahead site anyone can download a months free trial of the latest Nero6 ... and after the months trial is up; do the same again.
And again.
I think it's a reverse way of selling a product.

  Daibus 09:19 10 Sep 2004


I also looked on the Nero site and was unsure where to download the months trial of Version 6 as it says "A demo version will shortly become available."


  rawprawn 10:49 10 Sep 2004

Thanks downloading, I will give it a try. Daibus you can download the last version, it's just that they are bringing out a new one soon.

  Daibus 18:58 10 Sep 2004

Thank you for the info.


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