Transfer digital photos from camera to pc

  mandy487 19:47 07 Feb 2004

I have both Adobe Photoshop and Ulead Photo Express 4.0. Ulead came with my Samsung SC-D23 digital camera. What are the major differences in these two programs, and how do I transfer the movies and photos from the camera to the PC?

  MichelleC 20:22 07 Feb 2004

Not sure about the differences, but once your cam is seen by windows you can use prog's 'Open' to navigate to cam. I would imagine the Adobe is better as 'Express' has less options (although I use Ulead's PhotoImpact which is great).

  MichelleC 20:26 07 Feb 2004

For movies (you may have to convert to dv) and then render to mpeg1 (vcd) printingclick here or click here

  Pamy 20:27 07 Feb 2004

Hi, as no one else has answered I will try to help.

Photoshop is a very powerfull Photo manipulating prog.
Both will allow you to download pictures from you camera.
After installing the prog. and drivers that came with your camera you should be able to connect the camera to your computer with the supplied cable(usb or firewire) and assuming that you have one of these connectors on your computer your camera will be recognised and you will be able to download your pictures.
this is a very simple explanation and I am sure others can give you more info if required.


  woodchip 20:29 07 Feb 2004

Why not just do it all in Explorer, Create a Folder and Name it, then go to the Camera Icon or removable drive When camera switched on and expand like you would all other drives then drag photo’s to folder

  the kopite 21:25 07 Feb 2004

If you just plug in your camera lead and go to my computer open it and you should see your camera as a removable drive then just keep clicking till your photos appear kopite

  arricarry 21:55 07 Feb 2004

If you have a compatible card reader you can remove the camera card and transfer the files to your PC via the card reader.

  Switcher 22:52 07 Feb 2004

Best way to transfer files from camera to PC is by using a Card reader cost approx £10-00.

Adobe is a first class professional system and if you can master even 5% of it you will be able to do all the home user requires.

  mandy487 23:15 07 Feb 2004

I appreciate all of these responses very much. I even have options now, and that's a lot more than I'm going to learn around here.

Switcher & arricarry: How can I tell if I have a card reader already installed? Do you know what the name or description of that device would be?

  john-232317 09:07 08 Feb 2004

"I appreciate all of these responses very much. I even have options now, and that's a lot more than I'm going to learn around here."

Possibly right.... try help on the software...

  Frenchkiss 11:59 08 Feb 2004

Anybody got any recommendations for after shot software ?I'm currently using JASC after shot-beginners and Camedia. These were supplied (1) by Internet Cameras Direct (2) with my Olympus digital camera

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