Transfer data from one fitted HD to another

  FreddyNoFriends 23:14 31 May 2008

Hi all

My computer has been groaning under the strain of all the programs I have installed on it, so I've just added a second HD - a Hitachi 500GB SATA.

My original Maxtor 300Gb SATA HD currently has around 260Gb of data, music, movies, games, etc, on it and is taking a couple of minutes to finish booting up as a result.

I know I could simply clone one drive to the other, but whilst messing about with the computer over the last couple of years I've somehow managed to install two copies of XP on the original HD which may have been causing problems which I dont want to transfer across. I've also got quite a few things which I'd prefer to leave on my old HD to ensure the new one ( which I plan to set as the first boot device) boots up and runs a lot faster.

So what I've done so far is install the new HD alongside the old one, set it as the first boot device and done a new install XP on it.

In my ignorance I thought I could simply use Windows Files and Setting Transfer Wizard in manual mode to copy over the settings and files I wanted.

But this is where I've hit a brick wall. I can boot from the C drive and use the Wizard to create the settings folder - which takes a couple of hours - but I then have to reboot using the new HD to run the Wizard from there, and in doing so the folder of settings I just created on the old HD has emptied itself and isnt recognised by the Wizard! (hope that makes sense...)

I know I can simply drag whole folders of data from my old HD to the new one, but how do I transfer all the settings - e.g. network settings, internet and mail settings, firewall settings, progress through dozens of different games, etc - without having to manually spend hours setting them all up, or playing the games right from the beginning again?

I expect the solution might be a very simple one, so apologies for asking a bone question - but it's got me beaten at the moment. Any advice would be most welcome!


  sean-278262 00:00 01 Jun 2008

The easy option would be to copy and paste all the drives contents excluding those found in the windows folder and the users folder (I am on vista so I cant remember if thats the folder name in XP). Then after that just transfer across the contents of documents folder you want to keep as well as any other uses of that windows install.

This will not cure your problem of getting the programs to run but these can be manually installed and will simply overwrite any files already present. Leaving intact any saves etc you may have. This is how I have done it in the past myself.


  FreddyNoFriends 00:37 01 Jun 2008

Thanks Astec. I'd have a go at that but I've got over 150Gb of games and other programs I'd need to reinstal, and it would take days to copy them then set up all the shortcuts, settings, etc.
There must be an easier way.
Anybody know of any utilities that would get around this?

  FreddyNoFriends 16:53 01 Jun 2008

...I guess not.
Thanks again Astec. I'll give your suggestion a try and see what happens.
If that fails I'll simply have to copy the entire drive across.

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