Transfer between hard drives

  halliborange 23:32 30 Mar 2004

Windows 98 SE
I have 2 hard drives. Is it possible to transfer the contents of the Master drive (approx 9GB of 40GB) to the empty (but formatted)slave? Then re format the Master and reinstall Windows. I want to do this to clean the system (so many downloads etc!) and end up with only the programs I use on the Master. Don't want to just re format as I'll lose so much valuable info and programs and (from experience) there's always something you forget to back up!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:03 31 Mar 2004

If you copied the contents of your master to your slave then you would not be able to see any difference as you would ahve copied the errors. Save the contents (post here for info, it is triple easy) and format C:


  temp003 09:48 31 Mar 2004

Or you can simply disconnect the present Master (1st hdd). Set the 2nd hdd as the new Master. Install a fresh copy of 98 to it. Reconnect the 1st disk as slave, and copy whatever you need from the 1st disk to 2nd disk.

If for any reason you want the fresh copy of 98 to remain installed on the 1st hdd, yes, you can just connect the 2nd hdd as slave, copy stuff over to 2nd hdd, reformat 1st hdd and reinstall 98 there, then copy back whatever you need from 2nd to 1st hdd.

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