Transfer all contents of one disc to another

  Ken m-f 09:25 05 Apr 2003

I am running xp pro. I need to transfer the complete operating system, drivers etc etc from my old disc to a new one (the old small disc will end up in another pc at some time. I do not have access to Norton Ghost, Drive image or other such programme. All help appreciated

  MAJ 10:00 05 Apr 2003

To do it properly and have it working properly afterwards, you'll have to get "access to Norton Ghost, Drive image or other such programme", Ken m-f. There is an "xcopy" command which purports to do it, but I've never tried it personally and there is an issue with it. If you do a search of this forum for xcopy, you will find a number of posts on the subject. You might be better in the long run to check out some of the computer magazines in your local newsagents, some of them have older versions of Ghost and Drive Image on their cover disks.

  -pops- 10:40 05 Apr 2003

Be careful using old versions of Ghost or DI with XP. there are strong compatibility issues.

xcopy is not compatible with XP either but xxcopy claims to be. You can download it from click here

I have never used xcopy or xxcopy so I cannot vouch for them being suitable. I have used Drive Copy, which is part of DI 2002, successfully in transferring a whole O/S and files to a new disk.


  DieSse 11:55 05 Apr 2003

Many of the disk drive manufactureres have such utilities free for download. Seagate certainly do - Disk Wizard.

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