tranferring video files to pc from a sony dvd109e

  SANAP 13:40 05 Jul 2009

I always seem to get lumbered with the tricky bits. I obligingly did a dvd of a wedding using 8cm discs, use 4 60 mins and now just want to do a bit of editing/deleting, using the software that came with camcorder. I tried it first on a dell 9150 to load the software, it crashed the pc. Tried again and it loaded software but I cant get it to load video. then decided to use a DELL laptop, got it hooked up and for the last hour is says connecting, on the lcd of camcorder and the red access light to dvd disc is blinking red ... etc. But how long should I wait to transfer 2.8gb of video via USB?? It did say in the instructions it takes some time to recognise???

Anyone got a DVD109e that they have used??

need tips help fast.


  eedcam 14:09 05 Jul 2009

Why are you transferring a dvd via usb ? just rip the dvd to your hard drive a matter of minutes.Assuming you made a proper dvd _video and not a dvd VR also that you finalised the disc
Once you have the dvd on your hard drive you can work from there

  SANAP 17:30 09 Jul 2009

thnaks for reply, I had to go away. I have nero 9 and for the last 2 days messed about with ceating dvd etc but got lost. I have 4 8cm discs with 2 sides on each. the dvd cam inserts a break for every pause so i get loads of chapters and nero only goes to 99. i have a latop and desktop and currently starting agin using desktop ie importing files using nero 9. I'll probaly get stuck again and all I want is to combine the lot and make one dvd. I think it should fit on one 4.7gb dvd. Nero seems to keep locking up as well ie takes ages.

Any simple tips? I have roxio creator 2009 on laptop and that keeps deleting some files.

Discs are finalised etc

help help.


  Technotiger 17:47 09 Jul 2009

I don't think Roxio and Nero get on very well together, so that might be at the root of your problem.

  Technotiger 17:55 09 Jul 2009

You could also try cleaning up your PC a bit by giving click here a run. Maybe one or two bits of left-over files getting in the way.

  eedcam 18:58 09 Jul 2009

Assuming your dvd' play on a normal dvd player I would rip them to your hard drive possibly using dvd shrink which is free here's atutorial of how to then compile to one dvd
click here

Here is Shrink .Note you can also do basic editing in shrink like cutting and joining
click here

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