Tranfer files to laptop

  AIR101 16:14 19 May 2003

I want to tranfer file from my PC to my laptop,work on them and then transfer them back.
This some times includes movies and pics
What conections ,I have firewire, usb.

it is possible to to it via usb with certain software, otherwise you will have to look into networking equipment or parallel data transfer.

one simple and relatively inexpensive option would be to purchase one of the new(ish) key drives which just plug into a usb port, they behave as another drive on your system so it saves all the trouble of network configuration.

you can carry your files anywhere and the drive will be recognised on any computer running ME or higher , and (98 machines if you load a driver.

  david4637 20:29 19 May 2003

horiz5 - have you any details about these USB HDs, e.g size and is there any recognition problem from BIOS of a large drive size. Thanks David

  jazzypop 22:00 19 May 2003

If you are running XP, configuring a network is as simple as connecting a firewire cable between the two PCs. The network setup wizard should start up automatically - if not, just go to Control Panel, Network, Create new network.

Using Firewire is pretty quick, in terms of setup and dat transfer.

Look up firewire in XP's Help and Support files for more info.

click here for a look at what i mean, there wont bea proble with the bios because they use a flash rom chip as opposed to a magnetic/optical disk.

jazzypops firewire option sounds like a good one if your machines both have firewire ports.

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